US can print debt free money.

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1. Over 95% of all the money in the world consists of nothing more real
than millivolts of electricity in a computer somewhere, it is of no
intrinsic consequence whatsoever . . .
2. All that virtual money was created through the criminal faraud aka
"fractional reserve banking". Fraud is a crime. In the Uk there is the
"Proceeds of Crime Act 2002" which is intended to confiscate the proceeds
of crime from criminals so they cannot spend it. All that fraudulently
created "money" should be siezed by the government, placed in the public
purse where it belongs, and used to finance the re-creation of a beautiful
world for us all to live in.*EcoTort* <>*EcoTort* <>*ecotort*<>

Happy Solstice New Year to y'all from the UK, where we have the best laws
in the world - they just need to be implemented!

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