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Everybody, THIS IS HAPPENING. Announcing the
 #J15 MLK Day Worldwide Candlelight Vigil For Change. Commit
 with us HERE.
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http://on.fb.me/t19GpC  and twitter @J15global. See the list of amazing people signed on in just 24hrs below. Commit to do something today. Post the thumbnail as your profile pic, share the FB page, and send this email to everyone you know. We're just about to get this out big time from NYC. 



Worldwide Candlelight Vigil to Unite Movements for a Better World


MLK, Jr. Day, January 15, 7pm in every time zone globally!



On his birthday and in the spirit of Dr. King’s vision for racial and economic equality, peace, and non-violence, we are holding candlelight vigils at 7pm in each time zone to unite our world in a global movement for systemic change.


On January 15, wherever we may be, whether in our homes, in city squares, online, Occupies, places of worship, or at work, we lift a beautiful message high above the political dialogue. We light the dream of a more equitable world in our hearts. We can overcome!


Dr. King said, “A true revolution of values will soon look uneasily on the glaring contrast of poverty and wealth. With righteous indignation, it will look across the seas… and say: "This is not just."


We gather to empower a great and global dream, a dream we have all dreamt of for thousands of years. We will sing, because “freedom songs are the soul of the movement.” Together, we will make the dream a reality.

SignatoriesNorman Siegel
Pete Seeger
Esra'a El Shafei
Stephan Said
Joan Baez
Steve Earle
Reza Aslan
Sol Guy
Michael Hardy
Danny Goldberg
Ramy Essam
Benjamin Barber
Tao Rodriguez-Seeger
Alphonzo Terrell
Aaron Black
Hall Powell
Anushay Said
Monica Willard
Kristin Reed
Michelle McElroy
Vanessa Ramos
Amy Melson
Wylie Stecklow
Joan Wile
Kristin Andreassen
Ebenezer Bond
Justin Wedes
Leila Said Gutowski
more ...
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