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/Similar letter sent to MPs and experts/

May I draw your attention to an aspect of the public and parliamentary 
debate around localism and "big society" which so far has been treated 
with some emotion but only rather superficial analysis. This concerns 
the strengthening of participatory democracy through the Localism Bill 
and related legislation.

Please refer to our memorandum which has been accepted by the House of 
Commons Public Bill Committee on the Localism Bill 2010-11, listed here 
Associated Memorandum (L 40),

The Localism Bill 2010. Over-cautious steps towards democracy by the people
direct link: 

We refer to Part 4, Community empowerment. Chapter 1 Local referendums. 
The relevant clauses of the Localism Bill are listed below.

We would very much like to learn of your views on these matters.

Yours sincerely,

link: "Latest Bill" at 

From: House of Commons     Session 2010 - 11   Localism Bill

Part 4
Community empowerment
Chapter 1
Local referendums

Duty to hold local referendum
39   Duty to hold local referendum

Triggers for local referendum
40   Petition for local referendum
41   The required percentage
42   Request for referendum
43   Duty to determine appropriateness of referendum
44   Grounds for determination
45   Action following determination in response to petition
46   Action following determination in response to request
47   Resolution for local referendum

Arrangements for local referendum
48   Question to be asked in local referendum
49   Date of referendum
50   Publicity for and in relation to local referendum
51   Voting in and conduct of local referendums

Consequences of local referendum
52   Consequences of local referendum

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