Sat12/Sun13 Feb - Bristol homeless active arts weekend

Jimi Marshall tony at
Fri Feb 11 01:20:22 GMT 2011

Hi guys, to those who may not have received the text,

We are holding a two day event this weekend (Sat12th/Sun13th Feb) as 
a demonstration of what we are planning to regularly provide to the 
local community from our next larger venue.

Workshops: Music production, calligraphy, juggling, mime, spanish, 
meditation, crafts, massage, talks on self sufficiancy, music 
performances and open mic, projected films, shadow puppetry.
Food and drink (bring your own booze) ALL FREE

Address: 54, Fremantle Rd, BRISTOL, BS6 5SU
Time: 10am - late both days

Ps.  Caroline says bring some scissors pencils felt tips and rubbers 
for people to use with the shadow puppets.

Also we are opening a bigger building on Monday and are looking for 
people to move in or use the space and help clean up the place. We 
have an extra two weeks added to our current place so if anyone wants 
to live here for that period and then move to the new place that'd be 
cool as me and some others will be moving on Monday.

See you soon.x
Jimi Marshall
<jmmusicproduction at>
07507 484958

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