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Any old school The Land Is Ours people will 
remember Jaffa and this wonderful little project 
we supported back in Easter 1997.

Plan to fence off garden gets residents, all stirred up again
Tom Morris – Wed 16th Feb 2011 - Bristol Evening 
Post - only story in that edition which was not put on the EP website!
Passionate residents have bombarded Bristol City 
Council with complaints in a bid to save a community garden.
Easter Garden, nestled between Wesley Place and 
High Street, just off Blackboy Hill in Clifton, 
is a much-loved community garden.
Three houses originally stood on the site but 
were condemned before air raid shelters were put up.
The site then became a dumping ground until it 
was transformed by residents in 1997.
In 1999, protesters stopped the previous owner 
taking a JCB to the site and prevented the garden 
and their hard work being destroyed.
A. stop order was put in place by the council and 
an appeal by the developer was also dismissed.
Now, 12 years on, a new would-be property 
developer has applied to fence off the garden.
Sarjit Singh, of Enfield, London, bought an 
L-shaped section of the land in a 2008 auction 
and wants to put panel fencing around the perimeter.
His plan has stirred local residents and the 
100-strong Friends of Easter Garden group into action.
The deadline for observa­tions and complaints was 
Monday. Friends of Easter Garden chairman John 
Delaney said the council will have received 
around 50 let­ters of objection and hun­dreds of signatures on peti­tions.
Mr Delany; 76, of Wesley Place, said: "I and my 
wife Julia have been. gardening there every 
weekend since 1997 in all kinds of weather ~ it is a huge part of our lives.
"I love it, it is good for me. lt is a beautiful 
garden and it fascinating to see the seasons come 
and go. It is so import­ant to the community."
Resident Christine Liddle, 62, of Upper Belgrave 
Road said: "My husband died and the garden has 
been a lifeline for me. It has provided me with 
the opportunity to meet people of all generations."
Lee Perkins, 38, lives oppos­ite and visits with 
children Evan, three, and Caitlin, one.
"If someone fenced this garden off it would be 
disastrous," he said. "The children come here a 
lot and there is an open day each summer when 
they close the road, which is great."
Michael Smyth 68 of Wesley Place helped clear the 
site back in 1997. He said: "We have used the 
garden for many years and it brings the community together."
Kevin Allen, 43, of York Street added: "I have. 
moved four or five times within Bristol and can 
honestly say that this is the only place where I know my neighbours."
Chris Martin, who will stand for the Lib Dems at 
the local elections for Clifton East, supports the residents.
He said: "It is an unparalleled area of beauty of 
which there are few if any in Bristol.
"It is a David and Goliath situation where you 
have a group of residents who saw an opportunity 
to use it and have been doing so for some years.
Mr Singh said: 'At the end of the day I have no quarrel with my neighbours.
"I just can't understand why they are doing this. 
I just wanted to build somewhere to live in 
Bristol. If they want the land they can buy it."

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