"One Good Cut" Money Reform Video

Alistair McConnachie tony at cultureshop.org.uk
Sat Feb 19 22:53:14 GMT 2011

Positive Money
The foremost campaigning group for Money Reform 
in the UK - has launched a new sub-campaign called "One Good Cut"
at http://www.onegoodcut.org

It has produced a 3 and a half minute video on 
the subject of the ability of banks to create 
money, which is one of the simplest and most 
professional videos which we have ever seen on 
the subject. You can view it at the above website.

This video has had over 9,000 views in the last 5 
days! Please help to send it around.

By sending around this link you are directing 
people not only to a simple visual explanation of 
the problem, but also to the more detailed 
explanations which are available at the site.

As the campaign points out: "Whilst vital public 
services are slashed around the country, ordinary 
people are being asked to pay for a crisis caused 
by the banks. Yet at the same time, banks are one 
of the most heavily subsidised businesses in the 
world, receiving up to £130 billion of taxpayer 
support every year. By taking away these 
privileges, we can raise enough to make the 
spending cuts unnecessary, and stop the banks 
from blowing up the economy again. The changes we 
need to make are surprisingly simple, but if we 
don't fight for it, the banks will continue to 
run off with more and more of our tax money every 
single year while our public services and our economy crumble around us."

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