confronting housing ideology

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Sun Feb 20 11:22:26 GMT 2011

Can I suggest that anyone making a return to the  DCLG planning enquiry addresses the ideology of the housing mafia?This explains the present housing apartheid, with owners enjoying rising house and land values and the house-needy being punished by out of reach  prices and rents and by decades long falling supply. 
CASE FOR  TARGETING  PLC housebuilders' landbanks  

 Submissions to the  DCLG have to acknowledge that there exists a
malicious unlawful  predatory  band of plc corporations and politicians
directing housing  policy,   shamelessly exploiting people’s existential
need for housing by £billions each year.  .  The
bona fides and impartiality of the DCLG enquiry, of planners and
successive  government ministers  is severely compromised and  suggests that submissions should be

refusal to acquiesce in the status quo or  to follow the rules  laid down by the housing mafia /experts can demonstrate
the willingness to refuse to accept their false ideology. Not conforming to  this ideology is the first test of  destroying the ideology, leading to restructuring the
supply of houses, ending rising prices  and  ensuring  equitable access for all.

This mafia
is more afraid of being exposed  and
having  their ideology confronted . They
do not listen to  rational arguments for  change which 
are well known and have been consistently ignored for years as proved by
the decades' long crisis.       


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