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Its common knowledge that Rural Payments Agency si not adminstratively strong enough- which explains why 
they cannot seperate CAP  payments to individuals and to firms. It also explains why they were fined two hundred million pounds by EU Commission for incompetence.
But using the vast resources from my OAP I can tell you that the Queen got £1,183, 508  2008/9 for privatrly owning Sandringham estates.
Here are some other gems .  If the government want to tap into my vast reserves of administrative ability for free 
they are welcome (actually a mouse)


 CA.P.-common agricultural policy 

 cheques to rich farmers- Bigger farmers

get bigger benefit cheques

while farm workers get £5.95 /hr.  

Huge annual
payments – go to - Lord Carrington £149,000 

  Lord Linlithgow  £144,000     
-   Lord Rothermere £28,926

Every year
for 37  years past.  - to 
MP’s -

Drax, M.P. £417,846…  and is set to rise
this year  

….to dukes,
earls… to Prince Charles  £581,000

N.F.U., their
trade association gets £70,000 from you.

 HM The 
Queen got £1,183,508 CAP over  two
years just for privately owning Sandringham

 She has not ever walked over  each of the 
20,000 acres there and never worked one..

That’s  over 
31square miles. The 50,000 acre 
Balmoral estate includes another dozen 

people get more than the P.M.  39,000 get
more than twice the minimum -wage as an annual  
C.A.P. bonus. 

This is a
regressive Sheriff of Nottingham extortion from the poor to the rich.It has
nothing to do with food security nor preserving wildlife and the
countryside–that’s propaganda.  see

   These welfare claimants are landowning  millionaires 

    And because of  CAP, 
Now - double  millionaires. 

C.A.P. is
funded not by E.U. but out of U.K. taxes - it costs U.K taxpayers some
£4bn (2009) including £350m admin. & a ‘one off’  £200m inefficiency fine. 2009 Payments in UK 

by  23 per cent over 2008…and in  2010, 2011…?


p.a.  to sugar/biofuel broker Czarnikow,
£81m to British Sugar .  Unilever,
Nestle, RSPB, Nat West Bank,  distillers
and brewers

£millions annually.BBC’s big farmer of the year got £1.1m .

99% of UK people own no bulk land and pay
£billions to those who own land.     
Every year the cheques grow.

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