[Diggers350] Govt's plans for England's Forests -hanging offence

ilyan ilyan.thomas at virgin.net
Sun Feb 20 10:39:03 GMT 2011

Tories understand hanging and flogging.    If you make a big stink about 
selling off of British gold cheap to foreigners, and  call for the 
flogging and hanging of the traitors who did so you  might be talking a 
language the Tories can understand.

Then point out that selling off Forests is worse than selling Gold.   
Forests produce a constant stream of wealth, whereas gold wealth once 
spent is gone.     Rich people have bought our Politicians to put our 
wealth producing apparatus into private hands and to cut their 
taxes.     THe present economic crisis and developing inflation is 
rooted in Thatchers  tax cuts.     THis developing Hyperinflation will 
not be stopped by raising interests rates,  what will kill it is 
progressive taxation on the Rich.

Learn from Stafford Cripps.  Top rate income tax at 19/11p in the pound 
and was it a two percent surcharge on unearned income?  A year of more 
tax than income made sound money that was the foundation for subsequent 


On 19/02/2011 14:10, MarkiB wrote:
> As Dave has said, the government's proposals for a 15% sell-off over the
> next 4 years are still in the pipe-line.

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