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Three  months ago ,
amidst horror stories of bush fires in OZ and export bans in Rus, Tesco’s
finest bread flour & the Waitrose offering etc shot from 68p per 1.5kilo
bag to £1.80.  NFU explained on Farming
Today about world grain shortages and scare stories  of Rising food prices at home and starvation
threatening in Africa appeared in the press.

Last week Tesco’s finest dropped to 50p per bag- and I
stocked up. On adjacent shelves 

Alinsons bread flour was on sale at £1.80 per bag and
Waitrose cheapest was £1. 90.


There has been no harvest since the price hike of December
2010 .

I conclude that not nature nor politics but speculation in
world commodities by such as Cargill caused the up and down prices. 

Global markets and predatory immoral speculators  are destroying the food market just as they
destroyed the oil market and the UK
housing market (by packaging and selling off mortgages on the world financial

This is why to address the housing shortage I finger the UK
land speculators,


The solution does not lie in bricks and mortar or in
planning  or even in land itself but in
the completely unethical speculators and in the amoral HMG and B of E substituting
profits(greed) and  distorted  economics for well fare, and common wealth.

We're being shafted James          
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