Muslim EcoVillages and the Koran

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Muslim EcoVillages and the Koran
Beat the Gog/Magog World Order with Sheikh Imran Hosein

A Visit to Sheikh Imrans Muslim Village. We discuss how the Muslim 
Village serves as a potential and in fact, the only real solution to 
dealing with this Gog and Magog World Order. Listen and see if you dont agree.
Other topics discussed include 2012 and the Pakistani conflict and 
how it plays into Israels final global domination. Includes a very 
important message to the Pakistani people.


This is the place where i could be a muslim in practise..instead of 
just agreeing with islam...there? is no escape in the westernised do i get there?
bradsubisive 1 year ago 7

I hope there? are no televisions.

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