Operation Gladio reprise: More False Flag Operations in 2011

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>Gladio reprise: More False Flag Operations
>Posted on 03. Jan, 2011 by Raja Mujtaba in Hot Topics
>This new year will see the new fake threat of 
>Islamist terrorism and "anarchism"
>By Wayne Madsen
>The corporatists and fascists who have steered 
>Europe into bankruptcy are now using their media 
>assets to morph their favorite threat over the 
>last two decades — Islamist terrorism — to a 
>combined menace of Islamist terrorists teamed up 
>with an international network of anarchists. The 
>change of threat was necessary with corporatists 
>and fascist-led governments in Europe besieged 
>by workers and students who are militantly 
>opposed to severe cuts in social spending that 
>were dictated from supranational institutions in 
>order to financially bail out greedy bankers and their lackeys in governments.
>In Greece and Italy, where governments are under 
>street pressure to resign over corruption and 
>austerity moves, there are already signs that 
>the paradigm shift from Islamist terrorism to 
>leftist anarchism is already occurring, with 
>highly-suspicious and likely false flag bombings 
>taking place at embassies and other facilities.
>Europe has seen such false flag terrorist 
>attacks in the past blamed on leftist 
>revolutionary groups like the Italian Red 
>Brigades and the West German Red Army Faction, 
>but actually carried out by a network of CIA and 
>fascist operatives, supported by local police 
>and intelligence agencies, to blame leftists for 
>such attacks. The operation, known generally as 
>"Gladio," was a ploy to damage the reputation of 
>the Communist parties of Western Europe in order 
>that they were not invited to join in any 
>leftist government coalitions, particularly in Italy and France.
>Gladio has raised its head again in the last 
>decade, especially in Turkey, where the Gladio 
>successor, "Ergenekon," has attempted coups and 
>plotted and carried out false flag terrorist 
>attacks in an effort to undermine the Justice 
>and Development (AKP) government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
>Bombings at embassies in Athens and Rome 
>followed massive street demonstrations directed 
>at the Greek government's draconian budget and 
>pension cuts on behalf of the international 
>banking elite and similar moves, as well as 
>corruption, by the Italian government. European 
>law enforcement, which now serves as a virtual 
>arm of the European Union bureaucrats and their 
>banking allies, is pointing to a network of 
>anarchists who may be carrying out the bombings. 
>The same psychological operation is being used 
>to lump together all Muslim groups opposed to 
>neocon European policies in the Middle East, as 
>well as Israeli human rights violations, as 
>somehow being linked to a worldwide network of Islamic "jihadists."
>The latter psy-op is now being advanced by the 
>head of the Danish Security and Intelligence 
>Service (PET), Jakob Scharf, who has close 
>connections to Israel and is of Jewish descent. 
>Scharf led a joint Danish PET-Swedish SAPO 
>security service law enforcement team in 
>self-congratulating themselves for rounding up a 
>group of five alleged Islamist terrorists who 
>were charged with planning to attack the 
>Copenhagen offices of the newspaper 
>Jyllands-Posten in a Mumbai-like attack planned 
>for January. Scharf stated, "It is our 
>assessment that this is a militant Islamist 
>group and they have links to international 
>terrorist networks," adding that the group could 
>have been linked to David Headley, an American 
>charged with aiding in the Mumbai attacks. 
>Scharf conveniently left out the fact that 
>Headley was covertly working for the US Drug 
>Enforcement Administration (DEA) at the time of 
>the Mumbai attacks and may have been a false 
>flag terrorist operative working for U.S. intelligence.
>Will 2011 see a return to Gladio false flag 
>terrorist attacks in Europe and elsewhere? Early signs say yes.
>Jyllands-Postensparked outrage among Muslims 
>worldwide when it published cartoons of the 
>Prophet Mohammed considered blasphemous by 
>Muslims. The newspaper's cultural editor, 
>Flemming Rose, who approved the publication of 
>the cartoons, was identified as being linked to 
>various neocon and Israel Lobby operatives in 
>Washington, including the propagandists at the 
>neocon American Enterprise Institute. While 
>Scharf, who has moved Denmark's PET closer to 
>Mossad more than his predecessors have done, 
>talks of international Islamist conspiracies to 
>carry out terrorism, he is silent on the 
>international conspiracy by Israeli 
>propagandists to incite violence by publishing 
>cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. The neocon 
>Mohammed cartoon operation, which incited 
>violence that resulted in deaths from riots 
>staged in cities in the Muslim world, never 
>registered on Scharf's "criminal conspiracy 
>meter" since he is part and parcel of it. Rose's 
>columns have been welcomed by the neocon and 
>Israel Lobby-owned and operated Wall Street Journal.
>Scharf's operation against the alleged 
>terrorists, lauded by the Obama administration, 
>is already beginning to fall apart. One of the 
>five charged, Abdullah Muhammed Salman, an Iraqi 
>immigrant, was released after his arrest due to 
>lack of evidence. He said that he merely rented 
>an apartment to three of the accused in the plot 
>and was unaware of their plans.
>The linking of Islamist groups to leftist 
>anarchist groups opposed to globalization and 
>the multinational banks will gain steam as the 
>psy-op of the Wikileaks release of classified 
>State Department cables, accomplished with the 
>help of the Swedish government, as recently 
>reported by WMR, results in more calls for curbs 
>to be placed on the Internet. Already, Greek and 
>Italian law enforcement are claiming that 
>European anarchist groups link to one another 
>through the Internet. The Internet has also been 
>cited by the neocons and the Israeli 
>propagandists as a means for "Jihadist" groups 
>and the fakery called "Al Qaeda" and its 
>"affiliates" to communicate and raise funds.
>2011 will see the rise of Gladio-like 
>"anarchist" front groups that will be used to 
>not only crack down on leftist and 
>anti-globalist organizations but push through 
>legislation curbing communications on and access 
>to the Internet. Already, one such shadowy and 
>likely front group called the "Informal 
>Anarchist Federation" (FAI), has claimed 
>responsibility for recent bomb attacks on the 
>Swiss and Chilean embassies in Rome and another 
>unsuccessful bomb attack on the Greek embassy in 
>the Italian capital. A suspicious package was 
>also found at the U.S. and Finnish embassies to 
>the Vatican and the Albanian embassy to Italy in 
>Rome and 160 consulates in Milan, once a center 
>for Gladio activity, were placed on "high 
>alert." Two small bombs also recently exploded 
>at the northern Italian headquarters of the 
>right-wing and anti-immigrant governing 
>coalition party, the Northern League, which may 
>be an attempt to falsely draw a link between 
>Muslim immigrants and leftist "anarchists."
>Also, bombs blamed on "anarchists" exploded at a 
>branch of the Spanish-owned Banco Santander in 
>Santiago, Chile and the Banco Francés in Buenos 
>Aires, Argentina. The explosions occurred after 
>Argentina recgoinized the independence of 
>Palestine and as Chile was under pressure from 
>the Chilean left and the large 
>Palestinian-Chilean community to follow suit. 
>During Gladio operations in Europe, links were 
>discovered between the Argentine Anti-communist 
>Alliance (AAA) and the Chilean junta of General 
>Augusto Pinochet. Chile's current right-wing 
>billionaire president, Sebastian Pinera, was a 
>member of the Pinochet junta. Pinera's Interior 
>Minister, Rodrigo Hinzpeter Kirberg, has been 
>accused by Chilean Senator Eugenio Tuma of being 
>an "activist and militant for the Israeli cause."
>True to form The New York Times, on December 28, 
>reported on the Italian-Greek "anarchist" link: 
>"Col. Maurizio Mezzavilla of the Carabinieri 
>paramilitary police said the device sent to the 
>Greek embassy was a response to the arrests in 
>Greece in November of two alleged members of an 
>anarchist group, the Conspiracy of the Cells of 
>Fire, which claimed responsibility for sending 
>14 letter bombs to embassies in Athens last 
>month" The Times quotes Mezzavilla as saying the 
>note found with the unexploded bomb at the Greek 
>embassy in Rome stated: "We’re striking again, 
>and we do so in response to the appeal sent by 
>the Greek comrades of the Conspiracy of the 
>Cells of Fire . . . That is why we are directing 
>the new attack to one of the structures that 
>represents the Greek state and its servants, in 
>solidarity with the comrades arrested in Athens 
>and the Conspiracy’s project which, like ours, 
>is based on the actions and methods of 
>revolutionary violence.” Of course, it was 
>advantageous that the bomb at the Greek embassy 
>failed to explode, thus leaving the 
>highly-suspicious note intact for dissemination 
>to the media. The operation comes right out of 
>the Gladio playbook designed by the CIA and Pentagon special operations forces.
>On December 30, The Washington Post tried to 
>link the Danish-Swedish "plot" and the British 
>round0up of nine suspected terrorists linked to 
>"Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula" to the bombs 
>in Italy: "The arrests on charges of 
>Islamist-inspired terrorism came as Italy 
>confronted a spurt of homegrown bombings 
>attributed to European anarchist undergrounds."
>Police have called for restrictions on access to 
>Google Maps by protest groups that have been 
>charged with using the maps and their smart 
>phones to track police movements, including the 
>movement of detainee transport and police 
>command post vehicles, at mass protest rallies 
>against the G-8 and other conclaves of the world's elite class.
>It is noteworthy that the rise of previously 
>unknown "anarchist" groups is occurring in the 
>very same countries where Gladio's operations 
>were most extensive: Italy and Greece. Italy was 
>the nexus for Organazzizione Gladio, the Italian 
>branch of the pan-European CIA-led terrorist 
>operations. In Greece, the Gladio group was known as "Operation Sheepskin."
>With larger anti-government and anti-banking 
>strikes and street protests planned for not only 
>Italy and Greece, but also France, Spain, 
>Portugal, Austria, the United Kingdom, Ireland, 
>and other countries, 2011 will see a rise in the 
>number of false flag terrorist attacks that will 
>be blamed by law enforcement and their corporate 
>media echo chambers on "anarchists." The neocon 
>and pro-Israeli media will also step up planted 
>stories designed to link "anarchists" to 
>"Jihadists." Gladio cells in all these 
>countries, which never actually disappeared but 
>were placed on reserve, will be activated as 
>"leftists" are lumped in with "Islamists" and 
>"Jihadists" as "enemies of the global state."
>This time next year may see an entirely 
>different kind of Internet and a more fascist 
>America, a situation that may even see WMR 
>heading into exile abroad in order to continue reporting the truth.
>Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based 
>investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist. He has written
>for several renowned papers and blogs.
>Madsen is a regular contributor on Russia Today. 
>He has been a frequent political and national 
>security commentator on Fox News and has also 
>appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, BBC, Al 
>Jazeera, and MS-NBC. Madsen has taken on Bill 
>O’Reilly and Sean Hannity on their television 
>shows. He has been invited to testifty as a 
>witness before the US House of Representatives, 
>the UN Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and an 
>terrorism investigation panel of the French government.
>As a U.S. Naval Officer, he managed one of the 
>first computer security programs for the U.S. 
>Navy. He subsequently worked for the National 
>Security Agency, the Naval Data Automation 
>Command, Department of State, RCA Corporation, 
>and Computer Sciences Corporation.
>Madsen is a member of the Society of 
>Professional Journalists (SPJ), Association for 
>Intelligence Officers (AFIO), and the National 
>Press Club. He is a regular contributor to Opinion Maker.
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"Capitalism is institutionalised bribery."

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic 
poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung

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