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 Hi Everyone

I am writing to you on behalf of the working
group. The short movie featured below this email is about the
various crises, and the proposed strategy of a Movement of People's
Assemblies in response. Also see info there about about the AWTW 'Teach In'
this Saturday in London at Birkbeck.

Our working group is now in the process of making this URL into a
collaborative on-line resource, where we hope lots of people will be able to
find out about their local Peoples Assemblies, or be given the tools to
start one themselves.

As you know, what we mean by Peoples Assembly is wide: they can take place
anywhere in the world and be in and about any local community, school,
university or workplace. They might be about challenging the way that area
or institution is run or funded (ie make it more democratic, or
enlightened), or about planning direct actions or a mixture of both. Or
they might be simply be about a theme eg on the future of farming, work
or education. Or a single issue such as to protect the local trees or
libraries. And as has happened with General / Student Assemblies in occupied
campuses across the UK already, they may be inspiring forms of direct action
in themselves. Long may this tradition continue!

Anyway, these are just a few ideas, we don't want to be too prescriptive,
and you get the basic idea!

So, regarding the website which we are offering as a collaborative and
democratic tool with which to share info and inspiration horizontally, and
through this we hope build a movement of Peoples Assemblies with which to
change the status quo, as a 1st step, if your campus or local group would
like to set up a blog there, or have your own local blog featured and /or
streamed onto the front page, please get in touch! Content - like the
concept - is very opene ended: it can be about any aspect of the type
of Assembly you are working on, involved in, or aiming to set up.

We are aiming to go live with the first part of this in the next 2-3 weeks
so do get in touch if you are interested to know more!!

And please do spread this request around if you can...



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 [image: AWTW logo]  *Update 158*:
10 January 2011
 *Beyond Resistance* - the

Have you read *Beyond Resistance* – the book?

Now there’s Dylan Strain’s brand new FILM… Just out

ENJOY and… come along to the Teach-In
This Saturday
15 January, 1-5.30pm,
R416, Birkbeck College
Malet Street
WC1E 7HX<>[map

A chance to get to come to grips with what is behind the spending cuts – can
the government be turned around or do we need to go deeper and work for a
change of system?  Put your views and questions in an open discussion and
discover how people’s assemblies can show a way out of the economic crisis
and the political logjam. More info and registration here:
Our Blogs

   - Tucson shooting and America's
   - Pakistan's poor caught in the
   - A 'system-wide' problem
   - Attack on living standards
   - Your vote counts for very
   - Let the sleeping giant speak in


Getting from A to B is the big
issue<>- Phil
Sharpe reviews an ambitious book about the global crisis and its
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