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MPs and LOrds may soon have to register their Cap CHEQUES.
Help follow up my letter in Guardian.  The Leader of H of C is to be asked by an MP to make a register of MP's 
who receive  CAP cheques .
Please write your MP.
Ask 'Do you (r family)  receive CAP cheques?'
Here is aletter to help .
We can  save £3billion cuts elesewuere.
Please do your bit.    James 


Dear Sir,                  11 Jan 11 


You kindly published a letter of mine drawing to reader’s
attention the payment of

very large cheques, annually 
to M.P.s  and to members  of the 
House of Lords under the  Common
Agricultural Policy  regime. (Letters 29th


 I am told that the
matter is now to be drawn to the attention of the Leader of the House  of 
Commons with a view to publishing a register of members’ interests
as  receiving these, often very
large,   public benefits payments to

The Leader of the House of Lords  may want to follow suit, especially if your
readers make their feelings known to M.P.s .


The annual individual CAP payments in some instances amount
to  £100,000 and in some cases  are greater than the PM’s salary 

At this time of severe cuts to public spending , the loss of
jobs and reduced benefits, openness about who, in public office,  receives 
payments from the public purse and how much , is appropriate  to ensure fairness all round.  


Your readers may feel that they want to make their feelings
know to M.P.s

We have been told  
“We’re all in this together.”



James Armstrong

( 22 Harveys
Terrace, Dorchester DT1 1LE     tel 01305 265510 )              


(Note to the editor.    
Mr Oliver Letwin ,M.P. assures me by letter to-day , that  he is to draw it to the attention of the
Leader of the House of Commons)


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