global strike 2012 to abolish money, royal wedding may day

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Wed Jan 26 10:16:25 GMT 2011

While most of the citizens of the world are dazzled and glamoured by shiny consumer items and celebrity images, our civilisation runs without control into an environmental catastrophe.
There is absolutely nothing we can do about this while the people of our planet are completely blinded to the fact that we donft need money.
The human race does not need money . it needs to stop believing in money so it can set up democratic systems based on respect , freedom and equality to be able to avert the looming environmental catastrophe,  and to be able to end the huge human suffering that our money system creates.
The 2012 World Strike to Abolish Money is one of many efforts to help break through the mind control that has over powered our civilisation. What effect it has really relies on you who choose to support it and expound it ,  and you who choose not too.
[You can find info about the strike in many places on the net by googling , including twitter , facebook etc]
There is a message being sent out to supporters of the strike to hang out banners from fly overs and tall buildings  on May the 1st 2011 to promote the strike and the abolition of money, this year, but this message was being sent out before the announcement of the royal wedding.
The wedding is on the 29th April on the Friday before the Sunday of May 1st which is international  workers day. The announcement of the royal wedding seems to have hit the nerve of many dissatisfied citizens and it seems most people that are civil minded are headed towards London for a long week end of protest and party.
International media will be all over London that weekend and many intend that the media donft get a false impression of UK citizens and we would like the world to know that not all UK citizens are bewitched by a family of inbred parasites that claim divine royalty. Hope you can all help in this.
At the G20 demo in 2009 i was the only person in the 10s of 1000s that  was carrying an abolish money banner [you can see this banner by googling images, abolish money]. I hope that the May day week end will bring about more banners and more demands for our freedom and rights.
Hope to see you all this May weekend  for the biggest , happiest party of the 21st century.

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