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Mark Barrett marknbarrett at
Tue Jan 25 14:27:15 GMT 2011

Afternoon! Hi!

So the last plague from Persons Unknown. For now.

Okay so no longer name less, [image: Thumbs up] it is now The Really Free
School [image: School]. virtual seeds been sproutin.

The Really Free School email is reallyfreeschool at,
banter/suggestions should go there now.

The current website is There is a
link on there to an evolving schedule (or google calender), and
today/tomorrow a link should also appear for a more permanent and malleable

The twitter is hopefully this will be
updated frequently with happenings [image: Red rose]

This is also a submissions form

Please send any ideas for teaching, sharing ('n'caring), learning, cooking,
making, baking, taking, (ALL THE -INGS basically.) SERIOUSLY please get in
touch for holding any events (to the new email or submissions form)!!!

Or (slightly better) forget the virtual and come down irl.
Jus'Chill/collab/coordinate at 5 Bloomsbury
though the door is on Bloomsbury Way,
next to Pushkin <>.

[image: Left hug][image: Right hug]

[image: High five!]

[image: Peace] out

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