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> Subject: HALEM general assembly France
> Hello Simon
> I am just writing to let you know that the french association for  
> "habitats legers"
> HALEM are having a general assembly at the  end of august . August  
> 26,27,28 at the Plateau de milles vaches ,  Limousin (just east of  
> Limoges, at the northen part of the Massif Centrale).
> They would like to invite representatives from British associations  
> that are concerned with travellers/ land rights.
> French travellers, Roma and low impact dwellers are subject to  
> increasing legislation against them and a shift in state attitude.
> Halem are the most active voice defending these peoples human rights .
> They would love to meet up with a representive from chapter7 / The  
> Land magazine to discuss the situation in Britain.
> If anyone is interested or has any ideas / contacts to offer HALEM  
> please contact  Polo Lacoste
> Here are the contact details for  Polo Lacoste president of HALEM
> legrandpic at gmail.com
> Hoping this is of interest and if you want any more information you  
> are welcome to e-mail me at chillyreindeer at yahoo.co.uk
>    janie

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