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Mark Barrett marknbarrett at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 15 12:48:06 BST 2011

 1. Next Week: International Solidarity Actions? :

[ One suggestion is for Sunshines (Sol) to be painted in squares around the
world .. ]

2. Sept: March to Brussels:
Subject: Monki - Revolution (March To Brussels Mix...
European Peoples Assembly in Brussels and demonstration to the
headquarters of the Eurpean commission More information about the
march to Brussels www.marchtobrussels.eu Join the revolution...

                     3. This Weekend:

Democracy in action, this Sunday in Trafalgar Square

  *Come and Disuss / Plan International Assembly*

Sunday 17th July
6pm-9pm Trafalgar Square

With comrades from greece, spain, uk and elsewhere ..

See also: www.peopleassemblies.org and help us spread the word!!

Thanks to 15M the Spanish Revolution we are now building a movement for real
democracy in Europe and beyond, & we are going to change the world !!



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