Call-out To Defend Social Centre Squat In Birmingham Against Asda

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Fri Jul 15 23:53:39 BST 2011

Call-out To Defend Social Centre Squat In Birmingham Against Asda

BIRMINGHAM ACTIVISTS | 15.07.2011 21:49
Autonomous activists based in Birmingham are currently facing an 
injunction and eventual eviction for a local squat that was being 
prepared for a community centre.

Only having just moved into it early today, the landlord and police 
are already threatening the squatters and activists with an 
injunction for eviction, so that the building can be demolished and 
the land taken over to build a local ASDA supermarket store.

The number of people defending the current squat are extremely low, 
and need all the back-up they can get! The activists intend to create 
strong fortifications over this weekend in time for next Monday, 
which is when court applications are said to begin.

They would welcome all kinds of help- whether you can bring food, 
tools, good background knowledge of squatting and evictions or 
solidarity in any shape or form, it would be more than appreciated!

Autonomous community spaces are important, defend them!

If interested, get down to 10 Ivy Road, Stirchley, B30 2NX (near the 
High Street)

Give us a ring if you want to pop down and help out- 07988 056867

Many thanks!


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