Land and Money: The History Expunged From British Schools talk

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"The History Expunged From British Schools"
Privatising fundamental human needs  A presentation by Tony Gosling
This Island Nation has produced the biggest empire the world has ever 
seen. It was the most powerful country in the world for over two 
centuries, ruling nearly 500 million people, over a quarter of the 
world's population at its peak in 1922. What were the forces behind 
the scenes that propelled a tiny nation into this position? How come 
Britain is now being brought to its knees by the successors to the 
very people who built it up? What should we be proud and what ashamed 
of? Tony Gosling will take us on an alternative journey through 
British history. Not focusing on kings and queens, but on quiet 
events behind the scenes that have shaped this country's unique 
historic place and made English the nearest humanity has yet come to 
a world language.
Tony's information packed web site can be found at, and

plus FYI too from last night
Former World In Action reporter Laurie Flynne talks here particularly 
about the effect on contacts and murder victims' families of having 
an investigation spiked as the Guardian did to Michael and him in 2000.
Digging the dirt at Scotland Yard: spiked stories of Michael Gillard 
& Laurie Flynn
Their fall out with the guardian and their 2004 book Untouchables, 
Dirty Cops, Bent Justice and Racism at Scotland Yard

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"Capitalism is institutionalised bribery."

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which 
alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung
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