Squatters violently evicted by hired thugs while police stand aside in Montreuil

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Squatters violently evicted by hired thugs while police stand aside in Montreuil

Last Sunday, 24th July, the occupants of 74 rue des Caillots, Montreuil, a Paris suburb, were violently removed by a "commando" of about 15 heavies, hired by the new owner of the property. These unofficial bailiffs were armed with pickaxe handles, iron bars, crow bars, sledgehammers and tear-gas.
The property has been squatted for some time, most of the squatters being housing rights activists, and this was tolerated by the previous owner, and the local council (la mairie). The new owner, Hafid Hafed, an estate agent, obviously wanted them out, and quickly; he and his mob made four threatening visits during the weekend, the last being the most violent.
According to Bruno Saunier, ex deputy mayor and local resident, who witnessed the attack: the police arrived about 30 minutes later and, to the surprise and shock of the illegally evicted squatters and the neighbours, formed a security cordon in order to prevent the on-lookers from approaching the property. They then calmly watched the assailants ransack the property for another couple of hours, with a view to making it uninhabitable, before escorting them safely from the area.

Some of the squatters have returned and intend staying until all legal procedures have been followed. Meanwhile, the owner has been called before the mayor and commissioner of police and has been officially warned ... to stay away from the property and to pursue the eviction legally from now on.

France 24:  


Bruno Saunier's blog:  

Yet another eviction in Montreuil

There's been another eviction this weekend. The largest squat in Montreuil was evicted, legally, during the early hours of Saturday 30th July. Over 200 men, women and children were evicted by the CRS (the riot police) from an old printing house.   

This is a paraphrased summary of the events. I hope I've translated everything accurately but the videos tell all.


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