Dominique Strauss-Kahn was trying to 'ruin' the US dollar

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn was trying to ruin US dollar
Tuesday, 24th May, 2011 - By Dr Kihura Nkuba

FOR those unfamiliar with America's war on Black people, America 
listening to the woes of a Black woman who has been sexually harassed 
shows a form of justice for all.

A woman from West Africa, assaulted by a famous white male, a future 
president of France, to be listened to by the New York Police, is 
amazing. But is it?

Dominique Strauss Kahn or DSK as he is known is a global sacrifice 
for the world's poor and has been humiliated in a manner reserved for 
Black icons. His crime, he has been masterminding a global project 
for dumping the US dollar.

New York police has been rummaging through DSK's diaries, hotel 
registries, phone records, yearbooks and have made sure that the 
"great seducer" always appears handcuffed and dressed in a "pervie" 
raincoat with three-days stubble before they parade him in front of 
the media. He gets this treatment even though he has no criminal 
record and nothing, but the sketchy accusations of a room service cleaner.

What is his real crime? Strauss-Kahn was mounting an attack against 
the dollar and had called for a new world reserve currency that would 
challenge the dominance of the dollar and protect against future 
financial instability. He suggested adding emerging market countries' 
currencies, such as the Yuan, to a basket of currencies that the IMF 
will administer to add stability to the global system....Strauss-Kahn 
saw a greater role for the IMF's Special Drawing Rights, (SDRs) which 
is currently composed of the dollar, sterling, euro and yen, over 
time but said it will take a great deal of international cooperation 
to make that work."

So, Strauss-Kahn finds himself in the same category as Saddam Hussein 
who switched from dollars to euros about a year before the war.

Gaddafi made a similar mistake when "he initiated a movement to 
refuse the dollar and the euro, and called on Arab and African 
nations to use a new currency instead, the gold dinar." We know what 
has happened to Libya. DSK actually posed a much greater threat to 
the dollar than either Saddam or Gaddafi because DSK was in a perfect 
position to shape policy and to persuade foreign heads of state that 
replacing the dollar is in their best interest. And that is precisely 
what he was doing; dumping the dollar.

For a man who was at the top of the financial institution that is 
part of the new world order of financial chaos, he should have 
figured out that the dollar is the US main way in which shifty 
banksters and corporate bigwigs extort tribute from the poorest 
people on earth. Strauss-Kahn was rocking the boat, and now he's going to pay.

In Khan's words: "The IMF's Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs, could 
help stabilise the global financial system....". SDRs represent 
potential claims on the currencies of IMF members.....The IMF 
typically lends countries funds denominated in SDRs. While they are 
not a tangible currency, some economists argue that SDRs could be 
used as a less volatile alternative to the US dollar.

His goal was to have a reserve asset for central banks that better 
reflects the global economy since the dollar is vulnerable to swings 
in the domestic economy and changes in US policy.

DSK had settled on a new approach to policymaking; one that would 
abandon the worst elements of globalisation and put greater emphasis 
on social cohesion, cooperation and multilateralism.

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"Capitalism is institutionalised bribery."

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which 
alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung

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