New World Order blatantly exposed 7/7

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When people first hear these words New World Order they usually think your making things up, however after further examination of the facts I think even you will have a change of mind......
The One World Trust:

some bits:
11. Declare climate change to be an essential global security
interest (yes sure money money money  ) and establish a high-level international urgent action (using weather weaponry and false flag attacks)
team to assist the UN Conference of the Parties on Climate
Change to set a scientifically based global ceiling on greenhouse
gas emissions, to allocate national shares of permissible
emissions based on convergence to equal per capita rights, and to
work with governments, companies, international agencies and
NGOs to cut emissions of greenhouse gases to a sustainable

founded in 1947
the trust started in 1951
also registered as a charity......
 brief study of the group: (a few lines from the group)

“Her Majesty’s Government should make a solemn declaration that the creation of a
world authority will be the aim of its foreign policy, and invite other governments to
associate themselves with such a declaration.” Between 1947 and 1967, the first
twenty years of its life, the All-Party Group for World Government raised this
declaration with the government twenty three times through motions, questions and
debates in Parliament and through letters to Ministers and national newspapers. In
November 1967, its twentieth year, the government spokesman in the House of
Lords stood up and said that “Her Majesty’s Government are fully in agreement with
world government. Step by step we will strive towards that goal”

Though Winston Churchill was never a member of the Group, he obviously had great
sympathy for its views declaring “The creation of a cooperative all-powerful world
order is the ultimate end towards which we must strive. Unless some effective world
super-government can be set up and brought quickly into action, the prospects for
peace and human progress are dark and doubtful.

The control must provide effective international – or, if we like, supranational
– authority invested with real power. Members may say that this is elevating
the United Nations, or whatever may be the authority, into something like world
government; be it so, it is none the worse for that. In the long run it is the only way
out for mankind.”

Do you still think voting is going to change anything?

don't think the New World Order exists?
try question time....
so there you go, whether it's the U.N (checkout the sinister recomendation 666)
the E.U. or any other worldlike organisation, keep your eyes on it, change the way you do things and take a stand.
or maybe it has to do with the muad dib case re: 7/7 where he exposed the queens fraudulent title to the throne....
this is the video that was filed as evidence in support that 7/7 was an inside job:

when you vote the same family gets into power.........without fail...
do some research on the background on these so called "leaders" and all will be revealed...
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