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While not claiming that free festies are silent, the big chill is about as
close to the opposite of a free festival as you could get.  When yuppie
spawn realised they could make money out of festies the community spirit not
already killed by folk just wanting to behave like arses, withered and was
quite hard to find for ages.

Any gatherings looking to be anything like a free festie would normally be
pretty far out of the way and/or pretty small, nothing like the horrible
urban sprawl of nastiness designed to remove money from folk that is your
mainstream festie.  The big chill ticks all the boxes for money generation,
not for community- compare the council's reaction to your complaint with how
big green have been treated and you get a pretty good indication of how
power and money are still in the same hands they always were.

I don't want to belittle the problems you've had, just to point out that
power is abused in both cases, and that the kind of do Tony is talking about
is not usually the kind of thing that would cause the kind of problems
you've had, at least not on the same scale.  Your point about being
considerate is fair enough, and little free gatherings can be positive for a
community, even where they're not got together by all of the folk in the



nb.....   ed.
Discussion I did with Hawkwind's Huw Lloyd-Langton about Stonehenge REAL Free Festival amongst lots of good Bristol music here
Interview is at the end of this, the second hour - Tony

On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 10:35 AM, chris morton <
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> I am entirely in favour of ordinary and landless people helping themselves
> to unused land for beneficial use.
> However, making a noise all night is extremely unpleasant for other people
> and likely to be counterproductive for the general cause by alienating
> people who might otherwise be sympathetic.
> We have recently tried (in vain) to restrict festival republics Big Chill
> noisefest to end at midnight; it has kept people awake at night over a 5
> mile radius in previous years.
> So please make sure you ARE NOT bothering anybody
> Chris
> On 31 May 2011, at 22:30, Tony Gosling wrote:
> With nearly 5000 members is this the largest TLIO group in the country?
> Category: Entertainment & Arts - Dance
> *The Land Is Ours - Making a Stand for the Right to Free Festivals*
> http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=108893586564
> Description: This is a group for people who believe unused land should be
> freed up for community free festivals where we can dance all night to tribal
> beats and watch the sun rise in the mornin without botherin anybody...
> This group is an Action Station rather than a discussion forum..so if your
> ok with non violent mass mobilisations with musical and cultural
> intent...this is the place to be!
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> Marley)
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