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Operation Empire State Rebellion: A Mass ‘Strategic Default’ Movement Begins

As a result of fraudulent actions by the “Too Big 
to Fail” banks, 28% of US homeowners now owe more 
on their mortgage than their homes are worth. A 
new survey by Fannie Mae found that 27% of 
American homeowners are considering walking away from their mortgage.

Why should we be forced to pay an overvalued 
mortgage when it was the big banks who wrecked 
the housing market? After getting bailed out with 
trillions of our tax dollars, the big banks are 
reaping record profits and their executives are 
giving themselves record bonuses. Meanwhile, as 
they continue to push home values off a cliff, we 
are forced to pay for their crimes with 
outrageous mortgage payments and increased property taxes.

This scandalous exploitation of the American 
public has to stop. The time is now to 
strategically default on mortgage payments en 
masse. A National Mortgage Default Action will 
begin on the 4th of July. Celebrate your 
financial Independence by joining this movement here.

Full Call to Action:

“Here we stand on the precipice of financial and 
spiritual collapse. An economic virus has been 
allowed to infiltrate the homes of decent and 
upstanding people which deters us from living the 
way we would like. There comes a time in all of 
our lives where we must stand up for ourselves 
and our livelihoods – not only because of the 
crisis we are currently facing and the oppression 
we have been dealt; but for the livelihoods of 
our children, and the betterment of society as a whole.
Banks have foreclosed on millions of homes 
throughout the United States. These homes – now 
empty – were once lived in by everyday people 
like you and me. These American families have now 
been cast aside into a crumbling economy.
With long-term unemployment at an all-time high; 
with an all-time record number of American 
families now living paycheck-to-paycheck 
struggling to make ends meet, We The People of 
this great nation must unite and take our lives 
back; take back our self-esteem, and take back 
the glory that has been stolen from us via 
unethical means from these malicious banking magnates.
As the “Too Big to Fail” banks are bailed out 
with our hard-earned taxpayer dollars, we are 
made homeless and to suffer at the hands of tyrants.
We ask you, as the people of America: what will 
it take to get you to stand up and be the empowered citizen you are?
The time is now! We can be the proud Americans we 
should be by rising up in spirit, by making a 
stand and taking action. The action we propose is 
a mass default on mortgage payments to show these 
degenerate bankers that they are here to serve 
the public interest – not to fleece the nation 
and line their own pockets, while we struggle for 
bread and milk. In doing so, you will not be 
alone: there are millions of families who have 
questions unanswered, and mouths that go unfed.
A stunning 50 percent of US children will use a 
food stamp during their childhood. Millions of 
children go hungry in America every night because 
they are forced to pay an overvalued mortgage. 
Millions of American children go without health 
care and medicine because they are forced to pay an overvalued mortgage.

These tyrannical practices can not continue.
We must UNITE and take our money and power back 
from those that systematically and routinely run 
us into the gutter. We are reaching out to you in 
hopes that your own lives have not been tread 
upon to the point where you no longer have the 
will to fight for what is good, wholesome, and 
right. Please consider joining this movement by 
not paying your mortgage. Show the banks that they do not own us.
We do not need the banks, they need us.
Thank You People of The United States of America 
for your time and consideration.
Be well and happy!”
- Operation Empire State Rebellion

Join this National Mortgage Default Action here.

Please send questions and comments to: AmpedStatus at

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