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There is no central register of  companies which have fallen foul of the law.

(It offends me to write “companies, who”)

Companies which have been fined (most? ) include  BP (£57million ) and  Microsoft (680million euros (1987) ,  Philip Morris, Nike and Times Warner were all
fined over 

$1billion. Banks, Supermarkets, City accountants and pharma
companies are among those in the dock.  
(Type in “ …x…. fined” in your search engine)

There seems to be no central register .   Can you think of a reason why  newspapers are curiously shy about giving
this scandal  sustained publicity?

Konrad Black is serving three and a half years in jail for fraud.  How long would Microsoft and Nike get inside
if corporations could be jailed?


I have written to OFT, FSA, Ofwat, Ofgem, Ofcom, Ofsted,
Companies House, Dept of Business Innovation and Skills asking for a detailed
list of significant fines imposed and mean to 
publish a central register .


Graham Tudge (So shall we reap)  reminds us that in US ,
companies were originally granted 
charters to operate, only for a limited time , for specified purposes
and within state boundaries and their first article of association stated their first objective  was to serve the public.   Maybe it
is time to set  a  Variable Termination Date  for
each company, renewable annually only for good behaviour. 



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