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To Farming To-day ,BBC Radio 4 .

'Farmer Posh suffered damage worth £6,000 when 1,000 people (presumably
enjoyed) a rave' we hear.( FT 14th March,)

What we did not hear was the viewpoint of the ravers – why not?
on a supposedly impartial BBC public service broadcasting service. ?

What was the net welfare benefit?   Many 
‘farmers’ are encouraged and bribed to diversify.  They benefit , some in £millions, from camp
sites and festivals and here in Dorchester from
agricultural shows on their 'agricultural' land. (for which the  entrance fee is prohibitively high   at £15 per person,  on this anomaly, from FT,  

Farmer Posh interviewed to-day will benefit from the same
public who enjoyed the one day use of his land and who  pay his CAP cheques  out of their  pockets every day of every year since
1973  - some of them the same  persons who enjoyed the rave.   How many £thousands CAP annually does farmer
posh receive ?   From the FT and BBC  - silence .   
CAP costs UK
taxpayers £3.9billion uncut, in 2009 . 
FT? silence!. 


With farming practices poisoning the land, and with BSE, and
TB a £billion cost to the public and located on farmland the ravers were in more danger from
a lack of hygiene than the farmer.  

Cows , sheep and pigs deposit thousands of tons of faeces,
so what is the objection to human dung?

There is an old farming adage that visitors to a farm should
leave a deposit and take away a stone .-news for FT?  


What is absolutely certain is that farmer posh pockets the
CAP cheques and a labourer at £5.95 per hour does the work.  

 there is absolutely no need to clear up vomit- often caused by the young farmers club  taking too much alchohol.

Breaking gates and occupying land is illegal and actionable.  But what are you to do if farmer Posh and his
fellows either refuse you  access or
charge prohibitively high fees?

It is quite likely that not one of the thousand ravers owned
any land (who  would have then been proud to use it for the rave. )   This is likely since Britain
is characterized as the home of monopoly landownership with an unbelievable 1
per (cent of the elite controlling 66 % of all UK
land. Out of  21million households only
some 200,0000 (and falling)  are

This defining fact is missed by FT -`maybe because they are
the media department of the NFU?   


In my youth farmer Bull offered his field  to the village, free,  at no cost, without charge for their various
festivities through out the year.  
Perhaps if FT dug out such examples it might catch on.  The NFU/ FT mind control department would not
like that. 


Farmers are a tiny privileged rich elite. Their
professional  lobby, now like BBC  a multi national corporation in
its own right, the NFU, has suborned the 
BBC- the  omnipresence of NFU on
air is just the audible proof. The farming elite have uniquely engineered a private
and secret Sheriff of Nottingham in UK  tax where the poor pay the rich -  called CAP.

Thanks to FT silence and general BBC complicity most of the population
do not know this.

This is a complaint. 
Could I please have a reply?

James Armstrong   22 Harveys
Terrace,  Dorchester
DT1 1LE  






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