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I have posted Myk’s  ASS response to the Daily Mail article at   - the links on the front page.


More stuff about dodgy rich scum buying property in London-Egypts Missing






Ps.  I personally don’t like the dodgy gangsters  laundering squillions in
London(which accounts for the £££majority of property deals in the UK which
helps to keep us dispossessed)  and it that is a logical either/or fallacy
equating  squatting in Hampstead or having a Civil war in Libya!  Blaming
the actions of working class/underclass Libyans on  CIA puppeteers as quite
a few people seem to be doing on Indymedia etc. also very racist-classist,
much like as lot of the  of the tired and lazy bourgeois sub-Orientalist
arguments in the wicked ‘west’ narratives. ( fit only for pseuds corner ).
Two sides of the same coin.  It’s still a global class war and Labour kept
me poor too.



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