[Diggers350] Re: Monbiot's conversion, now 'loves' glowing example of Fukushima

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This whole story is a total and complete lie. 
My father is working on the energy consultancy with the UK electric grid working on the transition to solar and has been a personal friend of Michael Meacher for a long time. 
He has stated that historically the technology is there for "modern high tech" technology for transitions to more energy efficient forms of energy use, and there are a wide range of different forms of sustainable energy generation out there. 
The problem is not the options available - the problem is the VESTED INTERESTS. 

People like Monbiot really do not have a clue. 
he is not writing as an energy consultant. 
he is not even writing as an environmental health impact assessment officer. 
monbiot is someone who reads things and then hypothesises and comes up with his own grandiose ideas. 
he is not a politician and he is also not an energy consultant. 
his background is in zoology which is not the same as being an engineer. 
there is absolutely no need to state that 'everybody can live like in tinkers bubble'.
the future is not backwards. 
the future is forwards. 

nuclear energy is only a viable answer if you are someone who is called bill clinton and you are personal friends with people who own uranium mines and if you work closely with military organisations who work with nuclear missiles and have control of the supply chain to provide nuclear fuel to power stations and to provide energy en masse to large populations. 
if people act as individuals rather than being dependent on the big brother state - then they can provide for their own energy needs very easily. 

economics works on a marginal basis. 
if you want to use electricity from wind - you go and find an electricity supplier who supplies electricity from wind. 
it is very very easy. 

george is very clearly either delusional or he is paid to do advertising for the military-industrial complex who recycle depleted uranium and who are now dropping illegal WDMs on Libya as we speak - which is a war crime. 

If he is justifying the war crimes of Cameron - because his father is part of the conservative party - then he is complicit in war crimes himself. 

the nuclear industry's report to the UK govt itself last year had huge chunks of information missing from it - in relation to the environmental impact assessment of the effects on the North Sea. This is called criminal negligence to disregard this imact on the marine stocks of the North Sea. 

It is therefore criminal negligence for someone to use his position as a journalist and 'act' as an expert in nuclear science - when he very clearly is 'not' and he is very clearly 'ignoring the reality'. 

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      On the nuclear thing, the reasons against it have been perfectly clear for a long time and the one that won't ever go away is the the fact that it leaves a radioactive mess for future generations.
I was however interested in GMs article at the bit where he produces some data for energy usage at 1800, something I have speculated about but never found any data for and I would prefer it for 1780 before the 'industrial' (prefer 'unsustainable') revolution got under way, never mind the prodigious waste of energy going into the Napoleonic war and transferring transport of heavy goods from canals to roads.Then there are all those vast neo-greek houses and their army of near slaves and all the other toys of the kleptocracy we never needed and never will.
Even allowing for quite a degree of inaccuracy however, it does underline something most of our current 'thinkers' (sapiens????) don't want to hear - in order to revert to sustainability, we would have to abandon a very large proportion of our current activity; most technology other than 'intermediate' as in Practical Action, was ITDG. I am not sure that it bothers me, being dampish, coldish and slightly underfed is not a worry if you have grown up with it. ( I did until about age 6 { + being shot at} and grossly underfed). But say more like Tinkers bubble than suburbia. Perhaps we could encourage immigrants from poor countries to teach us how to manage on nothing?
And whatever George or his sources say, horses are far more energy efficient than diesel tractors....electric tractors?huh. Then of course coppice woodland regenerates on a cycle of 7 years, whereas I think fossil fuels are though to need a few million.



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