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I agree ( and have had many disputes with fat charity workers as I take the same line as you with regard to this ). That said, for the purpose of this petition  I’m using their bullshit against their petition / propaganda .We don’t really make stuff, the global rich gangster classes  are investing in property over her escaping from the global poor /the effects of their dodgy dealings etc. etc etc etc  I am clued up on UK PLC. The Land is Theirs J






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Dear Mark, It's called


Slavery without chains, the housing Minister and one of the members of housing justice knows of this kind of thing.



but if you think about it even more carefully, no one wants to solve homelessness because if they did, imagine how many businesses (i.e. "charities") would be out of business.


Homelessness is BIG business, thats why they can't solve it.....


Keep throwing money at homelessness and keep profitting from homelessness, thats the only way to survive and keep control over everyone, they are "special"....... in "their" eyes.....


Squatting is already legalised in the sense that it works withint the commercial legal system,


I recomend if anyone wants to know what just ice really is and more on law, then they should do their homework to see the farce for what it really is. it has nothing to do with our perception of the word justice and as housing justice people should know it's very much connected to Trust law, i.e. papa bulls and cannon law going back to the roman empire i.e. the Vatican:





So instead we remain slaves to the crown, i.e. the City of London.



enjoy and research, 


I wish you luck with the petition, however slaves have masters, and corporations have emplyees, if you are an employee of the company, then as an employee you cannot go against the companies rules, U.K. is incorporated......


worth it's weight in gold




why do you think they refer to someone on the property as an occupier?

Is someone at war perhaps?

Has someone made an assumption you are the "owner" of the property due to possession, but in reality you are tresspassing because you cannot own crown property, therefore you are considered an "occupier"?



ask yourself the question are you an occupier or a peaceful inhabitant? (with full use of the property as opposed to ownership) has the presumption that you are an "occupier" been clarified to the point where it is clear you are not an occupier? (at war/ an enemy of the state)



lets see if you can work out what is going on or are prepared to do the actualy research instead of relying on acts and statutes that can only be enforced by consent....







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Subject: [Diggers350] Squatting Petiton
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As landlord action are pushing to criminalise squatting I have just set up a petition to present to the Condem Govt. on 4th April… ( though could always move it to somewhere more prominent if anyone is interested in hosting it )


Criminalising the homeless for the profits of the wealthy is no solution to a housing crisis.







mark scrap



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