Occupy London Stock Exchange 15th October

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Sat Oct 8 18:59:12 BST 2011

It's from the Times site (beyond Murdoch's paywall). Maybe we should all come dressed as non - activists. Seeing as the overlord is in all likelihood the satanic City of London Corporation would be great to win the battle for control over them and the current private 'owners' (of what is in actuality, regardless of paper title, in spirit a public space)  very symbolic!!
Reclaim the Commons !!!!

On 8 October 2011 18:53, Wail Qasim <wail.qasim at gmail.com> wrote:

> **
> Where has this come from?
> Also, they can't have 'banned' occupiers from the site unless they are
> closing it to the general public for the day. This could make laws such as
> 'aggravated trespass' easier to use by the police, but a 'ban' in itself
> means nothing as they can't hope to individually ban every person planning
> on attending.
> Wail
> On 08/10/2011 18:07, James wrote:
> Argh makes me well angry.
> On the plus side though, we know now that there is no chance they are
> going to let us demonstrate there, so we need to make sure we have a
> list of locations ready for the GA tomorrow so we can all make a
> decision as to the new site.
> On Oct 8, 4:45 pm, Mark Barrett <marknbarr... at googlemail.com> <marknbarr... at googlemail.com> wrote:
>   The City’s protesters are told: ‘Get off our land’
>   The Occuply Wall Street protests started on 17 September
> Alex Fradkin / Redux / Eyevine
>    - [image: Protesters in New York]
>    1 of 1
>    The Occuply Wall Street protests started on 17 September Alex Fradkin /
>    Redux / Eyevine
>   *Alex Ralph <http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/public/profile/Alex-Ralph> <http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/public/profile/Alex-Ralph>*
>  October 8 2011 12:01AM
> They occupied the streets and open spaces of New York; now protesters
> against “financial injustice” are seeking to do the same in London.
> British demonstrators seeking to emulate protests outside the New York Stock
> Exchange have been thwarted by the London Stock Exchange’s landlord, which
> has banned them from Paternoster Square.
> Organisers conceded yesterday that they would no longer occupy the LSE or
> the square and would set up a camp “in the vicinity”. However, they conceded
> that the lack of public spaces was posing a problem. Spurred on by the
> protests around the NYSE, during which 800 arrests have been made, Occupy
> London had planned to set up a three-month camp in Paternoster Square, next
> to St Paul’s Cathedral, from October 15.
> The organisers have recruited 3,200 protesters through social networking
> websites and intended to erect tents, kitchens and barricades. They are
> seeking 20,000 participants.
> However, the square and surrounding offices are owned by Mitsubishi Estate
> Company, which has told its management company, Broadgate Estates, to
> protect it.
> Hiroaki Fujii, the deputy managing director of Mitsubishi Estate in Britain,
> said that a meeting with City police was taking place this week. “They are
> watching Twitter and collecting information,” he said.
> The protesters plan to begin their occupation next weekend when the LSE is
> closed, to coincide with protests in Germany and France. Kai Wargalla, 26, a
> co-organiser and former German exchange student at Kingston University in
> southwest London, said that it did not matter that the LSE was shut and
> traders would not be at work over the weekend. “We are going to be in the
> vicinity. More and more places in London are privately owned.” In New York,
> metal fences were erected around the NYSE, forcing protesters to move to the
> nearby Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan.
> The protest, which began on September 17, was inspired by a Canadian
> anti-consumer magazine that called on people to target New York’s financial
> district in the wake of the Arab Spring. Copycat protests spread across
> America.
> Tomorrow, Occupy London will force the closure of Westminster Bridge by
> holding a “general assembly” between the Houses of Parliament and St Thomas’
> Hospital in a warm-up for next Saturday’s occupation.

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