Participatory mapping of public/private space of the City of London by Occupy London

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Participatory Mapping of the City of London

The land outside St Paul's has been returned to the commons with the setting up of the Occupy London camp - yet the debate about whether we can stay there - coming from the Cathedral and the police rather than ourselves who have decided by consensus to stay put - has raised for us questions about public/'private' space in the City of London. What is the status of the land outside St Paul's? Where are the public spaces? Who owns the 'private' spaces (such as Paternoster Square which we were prevented from entering)? What are they doing with them? How can we reclaim these?

In order to address these questions we plan to map public/'private' space in the City of London. We hope the map will be a useful tool for the movement and others with an interest in London, urban space, and the commons. We also hope the map will provoke debate about the enclosure of our city and inspire actions to reclaim our land.

If you can help with this project in any way - with advice, useful references, or anything else, please do get in touch.
email address: isabelle.koksal at<mailto:isabelle.koksal at>
we will have a contact page on the Occupy London wiki pages soon!

Many thanks, Izzy
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