Police evict Occupy Bristol mansion & charge squatters

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plus - Violent scenes today between Bristol anti-drone protesters and police
by Robert Murphy - last updated Mon 2 Apr 2012
There were violent scenes between protesters and 
police in Bristol today.  Around 60 activists 
surrounded Armeda House where delegates were 
meeting for the 27th Bristol International UAV 
Systems Conference. UAVs are 'drones' or unmanned 
aircraft used, protestors say, in the war in 
Afghanistan. There were scuffles as police tried 
to move protesters away. Riot police have closed 
off Marsh Street in Bristol while the control the remaining protesters.

Police charge Bristol mansion squatters
Five people have been charged today following a 
disturbance at a multimillion-pound mansion occupied by squatters.
The charges involve public order offences and 
assaulting police after officers were pelted with stones and bottles.
Police went to Cliftonwood House in Clifton, 
Bristol, at about 10.30am yesterday following 
complaints made over noise levels during a party on Saturday night.
Two uniformed officers came under attack when 
objects were thrown from the roof of the £3 million house.
After calling for back-up police arrested a total 
of 11 people - nine people for public-order 
offences and two for assaulting officers - police said.
Today Avon and Somerset Police said Daniella 
Price, 18, has been charged with assaulting a 
police officer and is due to appear at Bristol Magistrates' Court on April 23.
Ryan Woolaway is also charged with assaulting a 
police officer and obstructing police. He is due 
to appear at Bristol Magistrates' Court on April 25.
While Angelica Prestigiacomo, 19, is charged with 
a public order offence and due to appear at the same court on April 23.
A 17-year-old man charged with assaulting a 
police officer and obstructing police was due to 
appear at court this afternoon and another 
17-year-old man was charged with a public order 
offence and bailed to appear at the youth court on April 23.
A man in his 20s and an 18-year-old have been bailed until April 21.
The squatters moved in last month but were facing 
eviction following the granting at Bristol County 
Court of an Order of Possession in favour of the 
building's owners, the Bank of Scotland.
The mansion, a former university hall of 
residence, was once Bristol's most expensive 
property - on the market for £4.2 million.
The grade II listed property has eight bedrooms, 
four bathrooms, an indoor swimming pool, vaulted 
cellar and a gym and is now thought to be worth £2.9 million.
Several of the people who were living in the 
house were previously part of the controversial 
Occupy Bristol camp located on College Green.
In the past week residents have complained to the 
police about golf balls being hit at them from the roof of the house.
They also say their lives have been made a misery 
by all-night parties held at the property.
The squatters were evicted and the property is 
back in the hands of the legal owners.

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