Occupy Bristol mansion eviction - activist vid & Daily Mail hatchet job

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What the Mail don't tell you is that sons and 
daughters of several neighbours were at the private party too.
When police first arrived they had no warrant and so were turned away.

The local activists' film is here
Here you see the UNLAWFUL eviction of a mansion 
in Clifton, Bristol. A tazer was pulled on a 17 
old boy, and his girl friend dragged off up the 
road in a choke hold around her neck.not sure 
what the reason was for that, It starts off with 
one man being arrested then another man tried to 
stand in the way of the police. That man was 
thrown to the ground, THEN IT JUST KICKED OFF.
There was a party the night before and the police 
turned up without a court order or a signed 
warrant. I did ask the highest ranking police man 
there, why was they at this location, but they 
didnt tell any one what the reasons were

Inside the mansion of squalor: Pictures show how 
£4.2m house was left in tatters by scrounging squatters
Five suspects charged with public order offences 
today after 'disturbance' at property
Three of them, aged 17, 18 and 19, accused of assaulting a police officer
Two more, aged 17 and 19, are accused of a public order offence
By Amy Oliver - PUBLISHED: 13:42, 2 April 2012 | UPDATED: 17:27, 2 April 2012
It took squatters just two months to turn this 
£4.2million Bristol mansion from a luxury pad to a squalid hovel.
Thankfully, those who had been living in Clifton 
Wood House for free since February were removed by 50 riot police yesterday.
But as these pictures show, the nightmare isn't 
over for the owners of the eight-bedroom property 
after the scrounging group left a trail of destruction in their wake.
The nightmare may soon start for another 
homeowner after one member said his group would 
'find another squat' as he left the Grade II listed building.
Yesterday its 46-foot-long swimming pool area was 
a shadow of its former self following the 
squatters' stay. They had daubed graffiti on the 
walls and hurled a road sign into the water.
In the kitchen, half-eaten food and cans of beer 
were strewn across the once immaculate marble 
worktops. A couple of vases held what looked like 
weeds, their flowers drooping and decayed.
In the vaulted cellar with beautiful exposed 
brick work and flagstone floor, the freeloading 
group left furniture, clothes, rubbish and what 
appeared to be drugs paraphernalia for the owners 
- The Bank of Scotland - to clear up.
One of the property's eight bedrooms fared no 
better. A grotty mattress was used as a makeshift 
bed, while crisps and crumbs, bottles and 
cigarette ends littered the wooden floor. An 
African drum and bits of expensive music equipment were just left behind.
The party got their spray cans out in one of the 
main rooms too. Tags were daubed onto the 
fireplace, while what looked like white paint, 
spilled out across the wooden floor. Empty beer 
bottles and cans lined up like fairground targets 
on a white dresser. A slowly deflating balloon 
and bent party blower lay in the fireplace 
signifying the remains of a gathering now thankfully over.
An order of possession was last week granted at 
Bristol County Court in favour of the building’s 
owners. The bailiffs had been planning to evict 
the squatters in the next few days.
But yesterday’s eviction came after nearby 
residents began complaining on Saturday evening 
about a noisy party at the gated mansion. The 
party continued to get louder throughout the 
evening, with more people seen going into the property.
Officers got into the main room in the house 
where the party was being held at about 6am 
yesterday, but were met by a group of around 35 'hostile' revellers.
Some of the squatters climbed onto the roof to 
pelt officers with bottles. Police arrested four 
people and continued to monitor the property 
before returning at 7.30am. Today, five people 
were charged in connection with the incident.
Avon and Somerset Police said Daniella Price, 18, 
has been charged with assaulting a police officer 
and is due to appear at Bristol Magistrates' Court on April 23.
Ryan Woolaway is also charged with assaulting a 
police officer and obstructing police. He is due 
to appear at Bristol Magistrates' Court on April 25.
While Angelica Prestigiacomo, 19, is charged with 
a public order offence and due to appear at the same court on April 23.
A 17-year-old man charged with assaulting a 
police officer and obstructing police was due to 
appear at court this afternoon and another 
17-year-old man was charged with a public order 
offence and bailed to appear at the youth court 
on April 23. A man in his 20s and an 18-year-old 
have been bailed until April 21.
A fracas between police and squatters then broke 
out in the street, believed to have been sparked 
when further sound equipment was seen being taken into the house.
Dozens more police - around 50 officers in total 
- arrived at the scene and nearby streets were 
closed off for most of yesterday morning. 
Officers then entered the house and removed the squatters.
Eleven people were arrested during the night and 
are currently helping police with their inquiries.
A private security firm was called in to board up 
and secure the property to stop further squatters getting inside.
Some squatters - many who said they moved to the 
mansion after being evicted from the Occupy 
Bristol Camp at College Green - accused the 
police of brutality and told the Bristol Evening 
Post they had captured the police’s 'forced entry' on video.
They claimed police did not have a warrant to 
evict them and that they were simply holding a 
party for a friend’s birthday. But Police told 
the local paper they cleared the building using 
powers to stop raves under the Criminal Justice Act and no warrant was needed.
Traveller Dexter Josephs, 19, said: 'We were just 
having a party for a friend’s birthday and we 
were not making a noise.' Fellow squatter Raoul 
Duke, 22, said: 'The police have treated us quite 
horribly. All the neighbours have been fine with us.
'The police asked us to turn down the music, 
which we did. They were outside in the riot vans 
and then kicked in the doors and pushed through the metal gates.
'We locked what doors we could inside to slow 
them down, but they continued to boot in the 
doors. They put my arm behind my back and pushed me out.
'We don’t feel we have done anything wrong. 
Essentially, this course of action has just left around 35 people homeless.'
But residents living near the property said they 
were glad to see the back of them.
Retail assistant Yeeyan Yip, 30, who lives on 
nearby Randall Road, said: 'When they first moved 
in they didn’t make much noise, but they started 
having raves at night in the last few weeks.
'Only the other week they were on the roof 
knocking off golf balls which were hitting nearby 
homes and cars. We heard the party about midnight 
on Saturday and we heard a fight break out 
outside the house and that’s when we called the police.
'We then woke up this morning to see the road 
filled with police. We are very happy the 
squatters are gone as it’s been a nightmare for local residents.'
Resident Trina Gately, 31, has lived at Church 
Lane just a few hundred metres from the mansion 
for two years. She said: 'They have totally 
trashed the house and the rubbish outside the house had really piled up.
'I heard the commotion at around 2am and there 
were people in the street and climbing over the 
walls. This is a quiet area and I hope now they 
are gone, peace will be restored.'
Once the building was empty, squatters were then 
allowed in one by one, accompanied by police, 
during the morning to collect their belongings.
Many remained sat out on the street continuing to 
protest at their removal and singing and playing 
the guitar. Others, laden down with carrier bags, 
rucksacks and quilts, slowly made their way from 
the scene to look for a new place to stay.
One protester, who would not be named, said: 'We 
are not sure where to go now, but I am sure we will find another squat.'
Police remained outside the house for most of the day.
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