Rolling Referendum - party funding nailed once and for all

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Nice one Julian...!!

Rolling Referendum - party funding nailed once and for all

Julian Parry says: November 6, 2011 at 4:55 pm
Dr Matthew Ashton. Lecturer in politics at Nottingham Trent University.

The Rolling Referendum
by Julian Parry

The impending collapse of the western economic 
model is due in large measure to the phenomena of 
the world of finance controlling the word of 
politics for its own ends. That has been a fact 
of life since 1776. Reinforced by the Jekyll 
Island conspiracy of 1913, it has brought mankind 
close to self destruction in a series of wars 
that could have turned nuclear at any time.

In the end it has brought our world to an end 
because of the way the world of finance has done 
business over the last 25 years during which time 
laws that were there to protect us all from the 
worse excesses of the world of finance were 
removed making way for the Age of the Swindlers. 
And now as that world goes into meltdown and 
resource poverty stares us all in the face the 
need for a new form of politics could not be clearer.

That new form of politics can come from only one 
place – a change in the way the political parties 
are funded. A new form of funding that recognises 
he who pays the piper calls the tune. Never mind 
AV what the world needs is RR – the Rolling Referendum

The way RR works.

Imagine a world in which political parties may be 
privately funded or publicly funded but not both.

Imagine too a world in which ‘first past the 
post’ is maintained as the accepted system of election.

Imagine a world in which every year on a free 
vote Parliament votes a budget for party funding.

Imagine a world where that fund is distributed to 
qualifying parties by the Electoral Commission 
(whose the members of the Authority are not 
allowed to be a member of any political party) according to these rules.

A party may qualify for funding provided always 
that it has a member of parliament.

The amount of that funding is calculated 
percentage of the fund voted for by parliament

That percentage shall be calculated as the number 
of votes received by the party at any given time 
divided by the number of votes cast for all 
qualifying parties at that same time where a 
preference had not been expressed.

The percentage of the fund paid may change at any 
by-election or at any time due to registered 
electors indicating to the Electoral Commission 
that they wish their individual proportion of the fund got to party X.

To give effect to this right of change all they 
need do is go to a post office, pick up a form, 
complete it with their voter number and other 
identifying information and send it to the electoral commission.

Modern computer systems would easily cope with the administration.

The Government Party and the Official Opposition 
would be required to take public funding.

If at any time the government party was in 
receipt of less than 20% of the approved fund 
then the Electoral Commission would report direct 
to the Sovereign that the public mood now suggest 
the Government Party no longer had the support of 
the country and it was now her right to consider suspending

The sovereign may judge that a probationary 
period would be appropriate so that single issues 
did not bring down a government because of 
unpopular decision taken in the country’s hour of 
need but that would be a matter for the Sovereign.

Thus any party that strayed too far from its 
mandate – such as Gordon Brown – would find 
itself not only loosing cash but more – giving 
its money to its political enemy’s.

More than enough to tighten their collective political sphincter.

And party’s like the Lib Dems would perhaps get a 
fairer deal whilst the country’s appetite for 
first past the post would also be satisfied.

The world is changing. The worlds of politics and 
finance have converged to every bodies 
disadvantage. They must be forced apart and 
diverge rapidly if our civilisation is to survive.

Shackle the lobbyists by all means, but give the 
people real power if capitalism is not too suffer 
the same fate as socialism and communism; for 
both those system failed due to their abuse by 
men who were of neither persuasion. Capitalism by 
contrast will fail because of abuse by its adherents..

+44 (0)7786 952037
"Capitalism is institutionalised bribery."

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic 
poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung

Fear not therefore: for there is nothing covered 
that shall not be revealed; and nothing hid that 
shall not be made known. What I tell you in 
darkness, that speak ye in the light and what ye 
hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops. Matthew 10:26-27

Die Pride and Envie; Flesh, take the poor's advice.
Covetousnesse be gon: Come, Truth and Love arise.
Patience take the Crown; throw Anger out of dores:
Cast out Hypocrisie and Lust, which follows whores:
Then England sit in rest; Thy sorrows will have end;
Thy Sons will live in peace, and each will be a friend. 
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