Irish traveller in fight against North Sea

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Fri Apr 13 12:59:39 BST 2012

Residents at Beach Road in Happisburgh, Norfolk, have been in the 
spotlight as they battled to save their cherished homes from toppling 
from their clifftop perches and into the sea due to regular land slips 
etc.. as a result of long-term coastal erosion. The government’s 
Coastal Pathfinder scheme, administered by North Norfolk District 
Council has been designed to help people relocate.

The council moved in yesturday to start demolition

One Irish traveller -  Bryony Nierop-Reading - remains. His home is 
about 4 foot from the edge of cliff and he is still there because he 
has nowhere else to go. He has vowed to stay put and await the 
arbitration of the sea.

Of 12 homes identified as being under threat, nine were bought by the 
council in 2011. Householders at the other three chose to stay where 
they are.

News Report here:
Bulldozers flatten the first of the doomed clifftop homes at Beach 
Road, Happisburgh
by STEVE DOWNES Thursday, April 12, 2012

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