Fracking Teach-In: Poisoning UK aquifers to be legalised

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Fracking & Extreme Energy Teach-In

Sat 28th April, BRIGHTON, 2–6pm, Community Base, 113 Queen’s Rd, Brighton

Come and find out more about the wave of unconventional energy extraction
technologies, like Fracking for Shale Gas, that are threatening the British
Isles. If you have heard about Fracking or other extreme energy processes like
Tar Sands and want to understand why this is happening and what it means, this
event is for you. The afternoon (2-6pm) will 
focus on providing participants with
enough knowledge of these issues to feel confident explaining them to others.

There will be an initial talk about Fracking and Extreme Energy (similar
to one previously given at a number of public meetings around the country)
followed by the opportunity to explore these issues in more detail, including
workshops and discussions on various sub-topics. There will be plenty of
scope for questions and sharing of information. Participants with all levels
of experience of the issues are encouraged to attend.

The session will cover all the new fossil fuel 
extraction methods that are bearing
down on us: Hydraulic Fracturing, Shale Gas, Deepwater Drilling, Coal Bed
Methane (CBM) & Underground Coal Gasification (UCG). In addition to the
technologies used and their economic effects, the companies involved and the
grass-roots community groups resisting them will also be covered.

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