A ramble round Lord Rothermere's Ferne Park in Wiltshire

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Mon Apr 23 02:26:20 BST 2012

A ramble round Daily Mail tax exile Lord Rothermere's Ferne Park in Wiltshire

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Particularly annoyed by the Daily Mail's 
mean-spirited and skewed reporting of the 
criminalisation of squatters. That is fine and 
dandy Mr Rothermere when you are a £750m tac 
exile and have lots of places to live yourself. 
Having said all that your rag the Daily Mail has 
been the only UK media to report the mysterious 
death of Dr Richard Holmes so yes, free speech 
does mean the right for you to print what so many 
profoundly disagree with. The trouble is Paul 
Dacre cynically prints libelous stories about 
penniless young squatters when Associated 
Newspapers' lawyers know that they cannot afford to take you to court.


A bull on a public footpath - that's illegal old boy

Squatters are mostly disposessed and politically 
betrayed young people taking practical, common 
sense steps to put a roof over their head. Many 
of them are extremely switched on, more 
intelligent that the duffers who own Britain, and 
very much aware of the historical injustices that 
have led to them having nowhere to live.
The land (to live, work and play on) is necessary 
for all the earth's inhabitants and is a free 
gift for all mankind. It is entirely wrong to 
treat it as private property (like a car or a bag 
of sausages) as it is something civilised people 
have to share out. The Bible demands in Leviticus 
25 that we regularly re-share-out the land in the 
Jubilee and this is a Jubilee year is it not?
Over the past 500 years, through enclosure, or 
privatisation of common land when only the bigger 
landowners were allowed to vote, the land under 
our feet has been stolen from the ordinary people 
of Britain. Only money can now buy you land but 
the money system has been monopolised and sabotaged by City crooks.
That fact that squatters can not afford to sue 
the Daily Mail in court for the lies they tell 
about their desperate plight bears no relevance 
to the justice of their cause which must and will ultimately prevail.
To cut off all escape from financial servitude, 
the travelling lifestyle has also been 
criminalised over the last ten years with the 
Tory Criminal Justice Act 1993 which was largely 
drawn up by the Country Landowners Association's lawyers.
The present generation refuse to accept this 
stealthy class war by the greedy rich people on 
the poor of Britain, and as such are reclaiming 
what is rightfully theirs by occupying empty 
properties and making them their homes rather 
than sleeping rough. Starved of opportunity and 
the right to express themselves through 
meaningful work these are the real entrepreneurs of 21st century Britain.

The World Turned Upside Down (1972) by 
Christopher Hill (not your Melanie Phillips' recent stolen titled drivel)
The Levellers and the English Revolution (1976) by N. H. Brailsford
This Land Is Our Land (1987) by Marion Shoard
Who Owns Britain (2002) by Kevin Cahill
Who Owns The World (2010) by Kevin Cahill
Cotters and Squatters (2002) by Colin Ward
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