Protect the Wilderness Not Allowed into Own Court Hearing

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Sat Apr 21 21:32:35 BST 2012

April 17, 2012 | Protect the Wilderness, the group that reopened the
Wildernes Centre for environmental education after it had been closed to be
sold, appeared for court to stand in defense against the government's bid
to evict them.

However, only three people were allowed into the building. The rest -
including a named defendant as well as "persons unknown" - were barred from
entering by private security who hid their badge numbers, and later by

Two days later, police and bailiffs arrived for a dawn eviction at the
Wilderness Centre.

Video here:

>From Protect the Wilderness:

 Following the The appeal of the Peasants

(see  )

We simple peasants were not allowed into our own appeal hearing, in Bristol
Civil Justice Centre....

No right no appeal, even though they took our £100 pound - for an appeal.

even the "named individuals" who the police said were allowed in, were left
outside as none of them had their ID

Oh, and one of the named individuals was "persons unknown".... he/she/it
forgot to bring an ID too...

Help us get this news out there, lets highlight what went on, show Bristol
Court, and Gloucestershire County Council to be the "diverse evill
Councellors, Judges" that they are
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