scandalous housing

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Mon Apr 30 16:45:53 BST 2012

In 1964 I bought a 2/3bedroom newish semi in Sevenoaks, Kent  for

As a worker  in London
I qualified for a 100% loan from Greater London Council- actually a 95%
mortgage arranged thro Halifax BS, 
and  I paid £150 deposit. (£100 lent by my father)

My salary then in my first job as a graduate was under
£2,000 as virtually an office junior and I also had to pay rail and bus  fares to commute to London.

Supply of new houses in 1964 was  380,000 units  p.a., half of which were council houses .


Total supply in 2010 was some 135,000, of which council houses- nil

You can supply your salary 
and the current price of a semi in Sevenoaks etc  and the deposit needed, then do the sums.


My conclusion is that to-day government has discovered and refined a new policy- exploit the  the mass of the people and control them by severely stressing them .  The present 
housing crisis is not as a result of market forces but  the result of deliberate destruction of
market conditions. and  is the explicit
policy of successive governments . It reflects a political decision.


If anyone wants a deeper analysis let me know.


We can and should end this scandal.  



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