[RTF- UK] Gloucestershire: A Real farming Conference-Spring Gathering

frank gundry-white tony at cultureshop.org.uk
Mon Dec 10 23:42:59 GMT 2012

The Farm looks like to hold the gathering some time late Feb early March

We will discuss the details at the Real Farming Conference in Oxford 
early January.

Thank you for all your responses and all your support.

We have already had offers of workshops to be held and even the 
possibility of a Permaculture Design course to be run for any 
interested to attend or even instruct and the site used as a real life example.

There will be the chance to get your heads round the paper trail side 
of the Trust, talk to us about our COOP, see the beautiful site and 
get stuck in with all going on.

We have also got the chance to use horses to plough our first field 
the old fashioned way up at Yorkley Court to coincide with the 
gathering and two weeks of stuff going on.

In the Forest of Dean, some time before the full moon in early March, 
with the build up from late February, planning early January

Yorkley Court Community Farm Crew

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