ACE: MPs 'deceived' on carbon case for nuclear

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MPs 'deceived' on case for nuclear
Friday 03 February 2012 - by Paddy McGuffin
Parliament was kept in the dark and fed false information that 
boosted the case for nuclear power, campaigners claimed today.
MPs were handed a dossier earlier this week which suggests that 
evidence given to ministers and Parliament promoting the use of 
nuclear power was "a false summary" of the analysis carried out by 
governmental departments.
Specifically the report claims that on the basis of the government's 
own evidence there is no need for the controversial new generation of 
nuclear power stations if Britain is to achieve 80 per cent 
reductions in carbon dioxide by 2050.
The report also alleges that government statements claiming that 
electricity supply will need to double or even triple in order to 
achieve a low-carbon economy are disproved by its own evidence.
And today the author of the report A Corruption of Governance, 
prepared for the Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE) and 
Unlock Democracy, described the process as "appalling."
Ron Bailey, who is also ACE political campaigns officer, said: 
"Ministers and MPs have been fed false information about the need for 
and cost of nuclear power.
"They have been fed half-truths and incorrect evidence on the basis 
of which only one decision was possible - to support more nuclear 
power stations.
"But that evidence they were given was false.
"Either it's a monumental series of mistakes or the nuclear lobby has 
got control of the Whitehall machine.
"Governance has been corrupted by this process."
A cross-party group of MPs has joined calls for the case for nuclear 
power to be re-examined so that the true facts can be discussed.
And Green Party MP Caroline Lucas demanded "far greater transparency" 
around the decisions on our future energy needs.
"With other countries turning away from nuclear, MPs and the public 
must be told the truth about how we can really achieve energy 
security and a genuinely green economy," she said.

A Corruption of Governance?
Wednesday, 23 November 2011
This new report from ACE and Unlock Democracy exposes the 
circumstances in which MPs and Parliament were given incorrect 
information upon which to make their decisions on national energy 
policy, specifically in relation to new nuclear power.
The report outlines that, on the basis of the Government's own 
evidence, we do not need any more new nuclear power stations in order 
to 'keep the lights on' and reduce CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050. It 
goes on to show that, on the basis of the Government's own evidence, 
electricity generated by nuclear power is the not the least expensive 
of all lowcarbon technologies. In everyday terms, the building of new 
nuclear power stations to provide electricity is likely to mean 
higher fuel bills.
Finally the report attempts to assess what has gone on. Why the 
seemingly inexplicable decisions documented (i.e. the decisions in 
favour of new nuclear power stations that are not needed) were taken 
by successive Governments.
The report concludes that what has gone on is nothing less than a 
corruption of governance. This corruption of governance can only be 
rectified if Parliament re-opens this debate, and MPs vote on this 
issue having seen the correct information.
Download the Executive Summary here.
Download the full report here.

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