anti-rent rise victories

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Mon Feb 6 12:00:19 GMT 2012

            Good to see some small victories for council tenants (from DCH statement).

            It'd be good to have someone from TLIO living in/around London attending the Camden Town Hall meeting tomorrow nite, Tuesday, and reporting back. Camden Town Hall is right next to Kings Cross, St Pancras and Euston rail terminals,

            Dave Bangs, Brighton

            Campaign against huge rent rises and threats grows  
                  Ipswich council is the latest to oppose the huge rent rise for council tenants, driven by government-determined formula. Ipswich rejected a 7.2 per cent rent rise, proposing instead a 5.6% rise. Newcastle council supported lobbying and campaigning against the rent rise, at a special council meeting 1 Feb.

                  Ken Livingstone is the latest to sign up to a Housing Emergency statement including a call to 'reject huge council rent rises driven by government debt and inflation formula' see open statement An organising meeting will bring together council and other tenant groups, with campaigns and organisations on 7 Feb 6pm at Camden Town Hall, Judd St WC1 9JE see map here
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