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Mon Feb 27 01:34:28 GMT 2012

Tony Ball acceptance speech: 'Community Wrecker of the Year 2012'

Tony Ball, leader of Basildon Council, has been 
nominated for the award of Council Leader of the 
Year by the Local Government Information Unit "in 
recognition of his role spearheading the eviction 
of Travellers from Dale Farm". The award ceremony 
takes place on Monday 27 ...February at Westminster City Council.

For more info, see:


Not wanting Tony Ball to miss out on ALL of the 
recognition due to him, we will be presenting him 
with an alternative 'Community Wrecker of the Year Award'.

In particular, the Dale Farm community would like 
to thank Tony Ball for his spectacular and unique achievements:

- CLARITY OF VISION: particularly his desire to 
deal with the problem that there are 'too many Travellers in Essex' [Tony Ball]

said he would resign if he did not evict Dale 
Farm - the eviction was about the continuation of 
his career and not the welfare of the community.

- EFFICIENCY SAVINGS: spending 'only' £7 million 
of public money on evicting the Dale Farm 
Travellers from the land that they own.

- HOUSING: making 83 families homeless, and 
refusing them to offer them alternative sites.

- PUTTING CHILDREN FIRST: protecting the 
interests of the first literate generation at 
Dale Farm by forcing them away from the local school.

- PROTECTING THE GREENBELT: Tony Ball transformed 
a beautiful home into a bombsite filled with sewage and old scrap.

- ACCOUNTABILITY: upholding the planning law by 
evicting Dale Farm and giving planning permission 
to a Dogs Home two months later in the same area of 'protected greenbelt'.

'allowing' the displaced Dale Farm residents to 
stay on the private road leading to their former 
home in unsanitary and cramped condition, cutting the electricity supply.


You are cordially invited to join us outside 
Westminster City Hall, for the presentation of 
the award, Tony Ball's acceptance speech and a rowdy reception.

Join us to let Tony Ball know what we think of his 'achievements' at Dale Farm.
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