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david bangs dave.bangs at virgin.net
Thu Jan 5 16:20:58 GMT 2012

Swindon Tenants Campaign Group are celebrating their overwhelming victory against their city council's attempt to privatise the 10,000 Swindon City Council homes.

The council spent in excess of £600,000 on propaganda for the 'stock transfer' and the tenants spent £6000, yet the tenants won 73% of the vote.

Defend Council Housing's spokesperson put the victory down to the tenant's grass roots campaign. 

The Tenants Campaign Group spokesperson accused the council of "organising an undeclared 'yes' campaign under the cover of providing impartial facts". The Group had received compaints about "disgraceful" behaviour from council officers, door stepping tenants. "On the council's own Housing Group Facebook page there were complaints from tenants about harassment."

...Remembering our campaign in Brighton 5 years ago none of that is a surprise to me....

Google 'Morning Star' website to see the story,

Dave Bangs
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