Fraser and Mason in case you missed

Mark Barrett marknbarrett at
Thu Jan 5 21:38:06 GMT 2012
Interview with Canon Giles Fraser, BBC 'Newsnight' January 4 2012.

"There are practical problems with the camp being there... I actually
think the bigger picture is the questions they are raising... The key
issue is a theological one, it's not about money, the question is what
do we stand for as a church...what were the reasons for which the
Cathedral was built...we have to go back to our founding ideas and go
back to The Bible...and if you look there you will see that issues of
economic justice are the number one moral issue in The Bible. One has
to be very, very careful that we distinguish between the needs of a ()
building and the Church as an organisation that spreads the
gospel...Now there are times when the two things are in
have to ask yourself about extraordinary compromises and have to recognise the reasons for which those church
buildings were built"

And excerpt from Paul Mason's new book on why revolution is everywhere:

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