DIY Instruction Manuals on Simple Sustainable Technologies

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You can find a bunch of awesome manuals on DIY technologies like Solar
Hot Water, Water Wells, Photovoltaics, Cob Construction, Earthen
Construction, Biogas/Methane Production, Wind Power, etc...  The PDF
files are free and you can find that at the BOTTOM of the blog posts at <>

Edible Planet’s DIY Homestead for Dummies blog is designed for all those Souls who seek to walk the path of simplicity and creative expression.  When we truly understand that we are vibrant, living Souls (not cogs in a wheel) we learn to throw off those shackles of the consumerist society and walk towards those Life attributes that Truly make our Lives worthwhile.

By keeping your eye on quality, a sustainable, off the grid lifestyle can be achieved with very little additional labor input other than the required routine maintenance.  Currently there are many Souls who are already living the simple life and reaping the immense rewards that it offers:

- A huge sense of personal achievement and responsibility for taking charge of one’s own life.

- Time to enjoy family and friends.

- Time to explore our playful, creative natures.

- And a healthier lifestyle for yourself as well as the planet.

We have collected over 400 FREE DIY informational ebooks* that will greatly aid you in walking the path of simplicity and sustainability and help you to become a good steward of this beautiful world that the Creator has bestowed on us. The Free ebooks are at the bottom of each blog posting.  You can easily find topics you are interested in by using a keyword search using the search box to the right or by choosing the most recent posts listed on the left.  We have only uploaded about 1/3 of the eBooks so far so make sure you subscribe (top right) so that you can be notified every time we upload more -)

About me – My name is Scott Root. I currently live the Willamette Valley in Oregon. I have worn many “hats” during my lifetime and have been actively involved in making sustainable lifestyle choices for the past 15 years. I have been blessed with a wonderful family – Donna my life partner of 20 years and two exceptional children – Scotty and Kaytee.

*The DIY files contained on the pages of this site were the result of hundreds of hours of research and acquired from reputable sources and therefore deemed to have been placed into the public domain by the author. If you are the author and find that we have listed any information that you have not personally made available to the public domain as a free gift to humanity then please contact us to verify your authorship of the content and we will promptly remove it and, if possible, give you the URL where we acquired it from.

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