Just out: Land Grabbers:The New Fight Over Who Owns the Earth

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The Land Grabbers: The New Fight Over Who Owns the Earth

Pearce (Author)
    * Hardcover: 326 pages
    * Publisher: Beacon Press (29 May 2012)
    * Language: English
    * ISBN-10: 0807003247
    * ISBN-13: 978-0807003244
“Raises complex and urgent issues.”­Booklist, starred review
How Wall Street, Chinese billionaires, oil 
sheiks, and agribusiness are buying up huge 
tracts of land in a hungry, crowded world.

An unprecedented land grab is taking place around 
the world. Fearing future food shortages or eager 
to profit from them, the world’s wealthiest and 
most acquisitive countries, corporations, and 
individuals have been buying and leasing vast 
tracts of land around the world. The scale is 
astounding: parcels the size of small countries 
are being gobbled up across the plains of Africa, 
the paddy fields of Southeast Asia, the jungles 
of South America, and the prairies of Eastern 
Europe. Veteran science writer Fred Pearce spent 
a year circling the globe to find out who was 
doing the buying, whose land was being taken 
over, and what the effect of these massive land deals seems to be.

The Land Grabbers is a first-of-its-kind exposé 
that reveals the scale and the human costs of the 
land grab, one of the most profound ethical, 
environmental, and economic issues facing the 
globalized world in the twenty-first century. The 
corporations, speculators, and governments 
scooping up land cheap in the developing world 
claim that industrial-scale farming will help 
local economies. But Pearce’s research reveals a 
far more troubling reality. While some mega-farms 
are ethically run, all too often poor farmers and 
cattle herders are evicted from ancestral lands 
or cut off from water sources. The good jobs 
promised by foreign capitalists and home 
governments alike fail to materialize. Hungry 
nations are being forced to export their food to 
the wealthy, and corporate potentates run 
fiefdoms oblivious to the country beyond their fences.

Pearce’s story is populated with larger-than-life 
characters, from financier George Soros and 
industry tycoon Richard Branson, to Gulf state 
sheikhs, Russian oligarchs, British barons, and 
Burmese generals. We discover why Goldman Sachs 
is buying up the Chinese poultry industry, what 
Lord Rothschild and a legendary 1970s 
asset-stripper are doing in the backwoods of 
Brazil, and what plans a Saudi oil billionaire 
has for Ethiopia. Along the way, Pearce 
introduces us to the people who actually live on, 
and live off of, the supposedly “empty” land that 
is being grabbed, from Cambodian peasants, 
victimized first by the Khmer Rouge and now by 
crony capitalism, to African pastoralists confined to ever-smaller tracts.

Over the next few decades, land grabbing may 
matter more, to more of the planet’s people, than 
even climate change. It will affect who eats and 
who does not, who gets richer and who gets 
poorer, and whether agrarian societies can exist 
outside corporate control. It is the new battle over who owns the planet.

Brilliant: Fred Pearce has lifted the lid on an 
issue that has yet to register with most people. 
Anyone who cares about the fate of the planet should read this. --Chris Mullin

This is just what the world has been waiting 
for--a detailed overview of the land grabs that 
are the principal manifestation of a new geopolitics of food.
--Lester R. Brown, President of Earth Policy 
Institute and author of World on the Edge

In this terrific book, Fred Pearce digs the dirt 
on land grabs. There's no corner of the world 
that he hasn't visited to see modern colonialism 
in action, and he's produced a work of required 
reading for anyone concerned about global justice 
in the twenty-first century. --Raj Patel, author of The Value of Nothing

A very important piece of work. --Tony Benn 
--This text refers to an alternate 

Book Description

Fred Pearce lifts the lid on the most profound 
ethical, environmental, economic and social issue 
in the world today: How City Financiers, Chinese 
billionnaires, oil sheiks and agribusiness are 
buying up our hungry, crowded world. --This text 
refers to an alternate 

In Every Way That Matters, A Winner. ...Grab It. 26 Jun 2012
By R. A. Barricklow - Published on Amazon.com
An end run around national sovereignty will 
accomplish much more than an old fashioned 
frontal assault. It is being accomplished 
worldwide on several fronts, all fronts using 
some form of economic warfare. It is being 
perpetrated by an unscrupulous international 
money cartel. Greece maybe going on the auction 
block, as may the rest of the PIGS 
nations(Portugal,Italy, Greece, & Spain). They 
were purposely attacked with financial 
instruments known as derivatives. The implosion 
in the U.S. was also planned(no accident). In 
fact, there is a sordid history of this kind of 
modus-operandi; it goes way, way back(but more on that later).
All this, as a prelude to Land Grabbers, because 
the instrument that is being used by the 
unaccountable financial oligarchs to buy up 
planet earth's farmland ...is money. But money 
that is issued by a private international money 
cartel. More importantly, it is issued simply by 
hitting some key srokes, numbers followed by 
obscene amounts of zeros, & it is issued out of 
nothing! (Read Web of Debt by Ellen Brown).
This then, is the proper frame from which to read The Land Grabbers.
The book is composed of six parts. Part One: Land 
Wars, Part Two: White Men In Africa, Part Three: 
Across The Globe, Part Four: China's Backyard, 
Part Five: American Dreams, Part Sic: The Last 
Encounter. The book is very detailed and explains 
to concepts of the land grab expertly. More 
importantly it is comprehensive. The author 
certainly has done his homework. I suspect his 
life's work comes across on every page, becuse 
Fred Pearce has been covering this subject matter 
for a very long time. I read his last book, When 
Rivers Run Dry, another in which the leadership 
of this planet is flunking-out the rest of 
humanity, in it's stewardship of our only home, 
planet earth. In Land Grab the subject changes 
from water to land, but the same villians are 
playing for an exremely elite few, at the expense 
of the other 99+% of earth's inhabitants.
The author even covered the Goldman Sachs article 
in Harpers Magazine about the futures market, how 
it is manipulated by speculators to raise the 
prices of foods, starving millions(of which 40 
million are being made chronically hungry) in the 
process. Pure speculation. Even knowing these 
facts before reading, I still found out more I 
was unaware of. Interesting facts, that click 
into place on every page. Simply beyond any event 
horizon I imagined. Well worth one's time. It is 
an informatiove & an important read.
As I read, I found many oligarchs buying land 
without regard to local or national laws/Some 
people believe foreign land grabbers can be tamed 
by national lwas. Don't believe it. Many domestic 
laws governing international land transactions 
are trumped by international agreements(IIAs). 
Even if locals are starving or parched with 
thrist, in law the rights of foreign investors 
come first. International law is a land grabbers' charter.
Now back the finish the money frame. First off, 
paradoxically, the futher back in time one goes, 
the closer the relationship between science, 
magic(the authur c clarke kind), and money 
become. Since ancient times, and with more or 
less uninterrupted consistancy, there has existed 
an international money power which seeks by a 
variety of means - including fraud, deception, 
assasination, and war - to usurp the money & 
credit creating power of the various states it 
has sought to dominate. First, there was an 
international bullion broker's trust, allied with 
the temple, manipulating governments, religions, 
pantheons and policies behind the scenes for it's 
own agenda. The energy source of this bullion 
broker's machinery was slavery(Babylon's Banksters by Joseph Farrell).
I just wanted to frame this review in a way that 
the reader could read more into the page, than he 
or she might otherwise do. (I hope I have not confused anybody in the process.)

The book is guns-drawn serious.
But is is also entertaining for those who want to 
keep abreast to what is going on in the world 
today, as well as to what is happening behind the 
curtains, or on those cutting room floors of the 
4th estate(an estate that just happens to be ...bankster occupied territory).

P.S. A good show on this has Catherine Austin 
Fitts dicussing with Max Keiser PressTV On The Edge -
Euro zone - the centralization battle rages on

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poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung

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