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Thanks for getting in touch with us at The Future of Occupy!

Here are our editorial criteria:
    * Pertinent to the evolution of the movement 
and its capacity to meet challenges and 
opportunities of increasing scale. That criteria 
especially includes content related to enhancing 
our capacity to deal with the complexity of larger issues.
    * Presenting new solutions to pressing problems facing humanity.
    * References to the commons, reclaiming the 
commons, commons-based peer-production, 
commons-based society, which we consider a key 
element of a sustainable, people-powered future.
    * Raising public awareness about the 
significance and strategic options of the 
structural changes that society is going through, with fresh perspectives.
    * Reflecting the movement’s potential to 
advance the building of new institutions capable 
to overcome the democracy deficit of the current 
establishment. Ref from 
<>Our Point of View.
We are happy to
    * very simply promote TLIO particularly if it 
has an upcoming event you would like occupiers to 
come to like we did here for 
the Fields.
    * Think of or find a piece of writing that 
meets one of our editorial criteria above curated 
for occupy readers and including TLiO.
Both suggestions could strengthen 
links/collaboration between TLiO and Occupy, at a 
time when Occupy is looking for ways to reach out 
and connect with others. Additionally if there 
are other ways you think you could get involved 
with us including any of the ways 
<>here then please let me know.

Get Involved

You are warmly invited to get involved with our mission:

To serve the self-organizing collective 
consciousness and intelligence of the movement, 
and the co-creativity of Occupiers everywhere.

You can help us achieve this mission by getting 
involved with what we do. Here are some steps, 
moving from casual involvement to greater levels 
of engagement. See which ones inspire you and get involved!!

1. Read and interact with our FoO Media, which 
include blog posts, essays, videos, poems and art:
on the home page and in our magazine,
commenting and building conversations with others about them,
and sharing them to build further reflection across occupy.

2. Learn about our FoO Community and join here:
connect with fellow FoO occupiers,
propose new sub-working groups
open discussion forums,
and post updates in the activity feed.

3. Contact us and become a member of the FoO 
Collective. Bring your imagination, talents and 
energy to help us achieve the full potential of 
this project contributing to the full potential 
of the movement. Let us know if any of the following FoO roles appeal to you:
Facilitators – do you possess facilitation 
skills, or want to learn how to effectively 
facilitate community collaboration? Read more.
Geeks – with experience in WordPress, online 
setups, or social networking customization, let 
us know if you want to engage your tech skills 
for furthering the Future of Occupy project. Read more.
Media Wizards – do you spend a fair bit of your 
time on social media sites like Twitter & 
Facebook? Are you good at spreading ideas, news 
and other media around the web and generating 
conversations in these channels? Read more.
Researchers – online research assistance in 
finding news items that meet our editorial 
inclusion criteria, and those resources that can 
be researched in more detail in our FoO Community Groups. Read more.
Video Makers – with a keen eye for great short 
video filming, with a perspective on capturing 
thoughts and insights on the Future of Occupy. Read more.
Visual Artists – with a creative flair for 
capturing reflections on the Future of Occupy and 
sharing them on FoO. Read more.
Writers – if you have a passion for occupy, its 
future and you enjoy writing with a view to 
stirring the souls of your readers then please get in touch. Read more.

If any of these activities interest you, or you 
think of others we didn’t think of yet – please 
let us know here. Let’s co-create The Future of Occupy together!


Mark Jagdev
Managing Editor at FoO

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