Sunrise: Off-Grid 2012 : Radical History

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Wed Jul 25 10:27:50 BST 2012

Hey All,

 Sunrise: Off-Grid returns this year, August 23rd-27th at Fernhill Farm.

Check out the event here:

As part of proceedings, there are 4 days of scheduled conferences held in one of the large barns. 

Day 1 (Friday) is on Radical History. We are looking for people who could cover the following subjects:

1640s The Levellers/Diggers
1790s The British Jacobins/Thomas Paine/Horne Took, etc.
1880s Ruskin/William Morris/Victorian Radical Socialism/Communitarianism [this could include Karl Marx]
1920s The Labour Movement during the Depression (could also touch on Marx's connection to Britain as background?)

We are also open to other ideas - especially around the 1800s - as to what should and could be covered.


Day 3 of the conferences is titled 'Small is Beautiful'. This conference is looking at Small-holdings and low-impact living solutions.

Again, contributors to this subject are very much welcome. 

If you feel you could offer anything to the conferences, please email dan at or call 07792 353864

Many thanks,

Dan Hurring


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